Bureaucracy keeping Henry Hudson Trail from coming back NOT lawsuit

John Schneider interviews Richard Piller on the Monmouth County Parks System on the real reasons the trail isn’t finished. To see the full interview click here:

MC Trail They don’t anticipate having the trail back 100% until some time in 2014 and are asking people not to go on the trail because of the safety issues.

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  1. Not the bureaucrats, politicians, or administrators who have 86 the Hudson Trail repairs for this year and most of next, it’s the dollar, the almighty and powerful dollar. The man said it himself in the clip, more than a few times, they have other projects that produce more revenue for a particular town or the county. As a wise person once said, “Follow the money.”
    Might be time to split resources and have one group keep at the county to make the Hudson trail as available as it can be, as soon as it can be, for the most end users. The other half of the group should begin now planning for the opening of the Lenape Trail whoich will start at Huddy Park and provide several alternative “trails” for bikers. Possibly using the Indian trail easements that surround the north and south side of the towns. Start a new trail with more history than Henry ever brought to the table.


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