2nd SAS Meeting Oct 3rd

sas picture SAS – Support After Sandy is having its 2nd Meeting

When: October 3rd at 7pm

Where: Water Witch Coffee Shop 67 Waterwitch Ave



Community Projects (current and new ideas)

Guest speaker Kim Skorka to discuss project on Abandoned Houses in town and code enforcement.

Writing (reflect and share)

Immediate concerns or needs

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  1. I went to the first SAS meeting just to feel it out. Because of all the meetings, etc. there was a small turnout. For me it was quite refreshing and awesome to run into such young, intelligent and positive energy. Some had school age children in town and they were trying to find a way to help their kids feel like they were home again — in a REAL town they are proud of. The abandoned and damaged homes are taking a toll on the kids. Since mine are grown I never thought of what it’s like living here through a kid’s eyes and walking home from school, and worrying about where it’s safe to play. That’s when the abandoned home photos were brought up – only to find other people in town already started something like this.
    It made me step outside of the market value, tax revenue & insurance BS. So count me in!


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