Vote on Favorite Abandoned Homes in Highland

This week’s Worst Abandoned Homes. If you have an Abandoned home in your neighborhood that you would like to nominate please send to

HOUSE 1: Barberie Ave

barberie hse 2This one hasn’t been touched since Sandy. Bank owned.

House 2: Shrewsbury Ave

angus house

This one the owner actually commented on last week’s post and said we could post his house, “Since sandy I have paid nearly 10k in taxes and sewer for an un occupiable home. I was looted twice once over Christmas. When the town finally picked up the pile of dry way and sandy debris they ripped the stairs off of my house.”

House 3: Huddy Ave

no porch house (2)

You will notice this little 2 family has stairs leading up to no porch.


  1. I think your post will have a negative marketing perception of Highlands. The more people that see your exploitation of damaged homes, the less likely investors will come. I recommend you change your posts to a more positive approach like, “Best Renovation”.


    • These posts aren’t turning developers away. It’s the red tape, flooding issues and hostile business environment. Right now Highlands should be accepting any and all businesses on Bay Ave but instead they have to make things difficult for any newcomers.

      The town can’t afford the vacancies but apparently it’s more important that someone not end up stuck behind a town truck dropping off a car.


    • While I agree that we should have another contest for your favorite raised house, this blog string is not the reason for a negative marketing perception. All these investors have to do is set foot in town and see the abandoned properties with their own eyes. Telling the press that Highlands is 85% back is at best false advertising. Having a poor town website full of broken links and inaccurate information and constantly harping on how we should raise the town might also be good reasons no investors are banging on our door!


    • Funny if you go to the Highlands Muni site under Flood Insurance still says Mayor O’Neil. Site is really ridiculous that can’t even update who elected officials are. It really is a disservice to people of this town.

      Monmouth County, New Jersey

      Richard W. O’Neil
      171 Bay Avenue
      Highlands, New Jersey 07732
      June 2001

      Prepared by the Bayshore Development Office
      945 State Highway 36, Leonardo, NJ 07737 in cooperation with FEMA Region II,
      Mitigation Division


  2. So, I have to ask. Why has the owner of the blue house not bothered to do a thing to it in over a year?

    I don’t think I’d be so damn proud of this. It’s OWNERS like this that give our town a bad name. That house looked like crap before the storm and looks like more crap now.

    Quit sitting online all day and go do something about your damn house.


  3. I’m going with the bank owned one. The town should have been on the vacant homes the moment the bank took them over.


  4. The home on Huddy was being worked this spring/early summer, there were BIG G signs in front of it, but them sometime in August all work stopped and the signs were pulled from the lawn.


  5. Jen,

    You are obviously referring to Angus’ house on Shewsbury Ave. And yes, other than the spray painted “wisdom” on the side of the house, it pretty much looked that way before Sandy, and for years prior. Angus’ biggest contribution to the town so far, is hanging out online ripping on other people that have been trying to make a positive difference in the town. Just check out the trash he has posted over the years on the AHH.

    I think it would also be interesting to see some posts of houses that are occupied that look like many of those that are pictured here.

    Jeff, as for this post having a negative effect on the marketing of Highlands, its only pointing out the truth. And the truth is that the Sanford And Sons like those that have been posted on this blog have been having a very negative impact on marketing the town for years now. They seriously impact property values in a very negative way. Lets put it this way, would you buy a house that was next to one of these wrecks? Is this the sight you would want to come out of your house and see every day? Many of us have to deal with dumps like this on a daily basis!

    The truth is that until garbage pits like these are properly dealt with the town has a negative reputation all on its own. But so far the town has basically done zip!!! To give you an example, Mayoral candidate Becky Kane is now promising to make code enforcement a priority. This is a total joke as what has she, or her comadre democrats done about it over the past years she has been on council? The answer is zip, nada, nothing!!! I believe that the main reason is that a large part of the democrat voting base in this town exist in domiciles like those pictured here. And they dont want to piss off their fan base do they? So, a promise to address code enforcment rings a bit hollow. I will believe it when I see some action.

    The democrats in the town even paid big bucks for a report from an independent group some years back to identify what needs to correct the towns problems. One of the major findings was that until the town is cleaned up, codes are enforced, and junk kept off the streets, the town will be impossible to market. Even armed with this report they have done zip since having control of the council. But this has been the trend with them for decades!

    So, its going to take making noise like this blog and other efforts by regular citizens to get some action! Time for this crap to stop!!!


    • It’s not just the democrats. Nolan is running with the slogan “Rebuilding HIghlands Together.” Really? How about we start REPAIRING Highlands? He’s just as bad as the rest of them. He’s not trying to enforce the codes under the guise that it’ll cost the town too much money. Then how else does he expect to increase the downtown ratables? Even if that high rise zoning DID pass, what does that do for the downtown TODAY?

      I think the printers screwed up Nolan’s signs and they were supposed to read “Building High Rises Together.”


    • Ha. And doesn’t “together” imply that Nolan is actually doing something to rebuild, rather than just walking away, leaving the crawl space to his house open for more wild animals to take shelter?


  6. I have to concede that you are correct about Nolan. Basically there is not difference between him and the old time townie democrats! Even the majority of the Republican party wont touch him with a ten foot pole. As evidence of this is the fact that him and his wife failed twice now to be elected to the Republican committee in their own district! How embarassing!

    What is shocking is that those running this town, or more to the point, running it into the ground, think that everyone is completely stupid and dont know anything that is going on. Most however dont know much of what goes on as that happens in dark back rooms away from the council table. This has been the way the council has done things for years now.

    More frustrating are the answers anyone daring to ask a question at a council meeting. The most popular answers are 1) We cant answer that as it involves litigation. 2) We dont know or 3) You are told what they think you want to hear whether it is true or not, just to get you to shut up.

    The whole lot needs to go!


  7. After putting two and two together on the so-called plumbing (lack of but pretending and submitting paperwork like it was completed) inspects, I have zero faith that either mayoral candidate will really commit to code enforcement.


  8. Frustrated.


    Another lucky winner!!!! Heres the deal, if either mayoral candidate had any interest in code enforcement, they would have handled the problem in the several years both Kane, and Nolan have been on council. As of this date, Squat! So, if we take past performance into account, we can expect more of the same in the future. Any promises to the contrary should be considered more lip service!


  9. The box truck that has been parked next to Nolan’s abandoned house for 11 months seems to finally be gone.

    Must be election time.

    Rebuilding together, ha.


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