Highlands to be taken over by bicycles on Sunday


It’s that time of year again. Hundreds of bicyclists converge on Highlands for the annual Twin Lights Bike Ride sponsored by Bike New York. The annual Twin Lights Ride begins and ends beneath the famed Twin Lights overlooking Sandy Hook.  (Huddy Park)

The tour includes route choices from 30 to 100 miles.

Please note the start times for your driving/get around town knowledge:

100 Miles 7:30-8:00 AM
75 Miles 8:00-8:30 AM
55 Miles 8:30-9:45 AM
30 Miles 9:15-10:30 AM

To see the routes:

Route Descriptions 

30 Miles – Oceanport Loop: a ride through Monmouth County communities south and west of Highlands including Rumson, Oceanport and Middletown.
55 Miles – Farmingdale Loop: same route as the 30-mile ride with an extra 25 mile southern loop around U.S. Weapons Station Earle through Farmingdale and Colts Neck.
75 Miles – Brielle Loop: same as the 55-mile ride with an extra 20 mile southeastern loop along the coastal communities of Spring Lake, Sea Girt and Brielle.
100 Miles – Monmouth Loop: same as the 75-mile ride with an extra 29 mile loop west around the Turkey Swamp Wildlife Area near Freehold.

23 thoughts on “Highlands to be taken over by bicycles on Sunday

  1. Your neighbor

    Those spandex wearing, Lance Armstrong worshipers are a dangerous nuisance on the roads. What a bunch of hypocrites… they want to be treated like vehicles, until they get to a stop sign or red light and blow right thru it. This is an event I wouldn’t be sad to see leave town.


    1. Gonzo

      Your Neighbor…Your above statement shows your complete ignorance of what is safe.

      I live in Highlands and have never participated in this event but I will tell you about your comment about the stop sign and red light . Think about this. What is more Dangerous a person rolling through a stop sign slow and under control or someone that stops and then cars are trying to stop and then go while the cyclist now has to lift their feet off of the ground and start while trying to keep their balance avoid the cars and other road hazards like the sewer drain or a broken patch of pavement that can easily force someone off course or worse cause a fall?

      Its not hypocritical it is a safety issue. Give bike riding a try and maybe you will be less hostile due to the stress relief and the feeling of freedom it gives. Have a great weekend!


    2. NoLongerNew

      So what’s safe about a cyclist blowing through the Linden Ave stop sign at Waterwitch like it’s not even there? I came within INCHES of hitting that cyclist.

      And he wasn’t the only near hit. Just would have been the worst given his rate of speed and my acceleration to get up the hill.


    3. Gonzo

      Obviously that is wrong and no different than someone in a car or on a motorcycle blowing through a red light. What I talked about was common sense slow and under control based upon the situation.


    4. Karen

      I live in Highlands and I walk from the bus on 36/Miller down to Bay Avenue 5 days a week. Most of the time, when I get to Shore/Miller, where there is a STOP sign, the cars from the ferry are flying past the stop sign and I nearly get hit. And I clearly have the right of way. It’s not just the bikers that don’t give a crap about signs, it’s also the people that live in nearby communities.

      I, for one, enjoy the bikers, and had I not been sick all weekend, I would have been among them. It brought a lot of people to town and hopefully they will come back at other times, not just for a long bike ride.


  2. NoLongerNew

    Hopefully the businesses in town will plaster their windshields with advertisements to entice them to spend some money while they’re here.

    I have to agree with Your Neighbor about their behavior. Nothing like driving up Waterwitch Ave dodging cyclists at the Linden Ave intersection to get the blood flowing.


    1. rockemsockem

      You know its one day a year and we should support these events. Walk instead of drive if you can for one day and maybe show support for these people like NYC marathon. God knows I can’t make it up that damn hill never mind 30 to 100 miles of some tough terrain. If we want people to experience the natural beauty of our town and appreciate what this town has to offer we can’t be intolerant of them being in our here. Just sayin….


  3. Not Just A Resident

    Any idea based on last year’s event when will they all be looping back? And are they all coming on the ferry?


  4. Jb

    The way you roll out the welcome wagon really makes me want to tell you to go eff yourself.

    Fortunately, I’m visiting one of your neighbors who’s not ignorant .
    Should I still bring that $$ ? Maybe I just won’t spend them there…. Ill bring some stuff in from the City since I can’t be comfortable with what’s available nearby…

    Like that any better?


    1. highlandsblog Post author

      Jb, when you are signing up to do your ride, please note the stop sign by the old hardware store on Bay/Waterwitch Ave, the flood water during Sandy hit the bottom of that stop sign. That statement will mean more when you’re actually looking at it. When that sinks in realize we lost 80% of the homes during Sandy, and almost a year later, only 50% of those are back in their homes. Then realize there are actually some stores/restaurants open, that while, we all got screwed over by insurance companies, local government, FEMA, & contractors. So please excuse us if we’re a little cranky. And for whatever reason you want to call bs or need proof. Walk over to the little white coffee shop on that block, they have marks on the inside by the door where the flood water was for Irene, ’92 storm and the highest black mark is Sandy. Ask anybody in there, they’ll tell you exactly what they mean.


    2. Jen

      Jb, when I lived in NYC, we gave each other the heads up about street fairs because they tended to get in the way of our usual routines. Large clumps of cyclists tend to have a similar effect when there are only two or three ways in/out of Highlands, especially these days when we’re all used to the town being emptier than usual.

      We’ve all been through a lot; sometimes it makes us cranky. (sometimes. ha ha.)

      I’m glad you’re coming to town. Have fun, be careful, and be sure to try some S.H.I.T. (that’s Sandy Hook Iced Tea) after your ride!


    3. NoLongerNew

      We’re also a tad bit cranky because we see hundreds of cars pass through our town daily and almost none of them ever stop to support our local businesses.


  5. Dingus

    It does get tiresome that no matter what the topic most if not all the comments are negative and snarky. Would be better to have some positive noise and I would think better for the commentors if they could find some positive energy and spread less bile.


    1. Rockemsockem

      I think these events are cool to have in town. I welcome and admire the sport. Town has had a rough go lately but really are friendly good peeps so don’t take so seriously. Have fun enjoy the beautiful area and be careful:) New Yorkers do the same thing when some if these events come to town and inconvenience them a little but basically take in stride same here.


    2. BayAveBabs

      Dingus, you’re absolutely right! It’s just so hard, lately, to pick myself out of the hole that life around here has become.
      But, I am still here and the recent weather’s been delightful!!


    3. highlandsblog Post author

      @BB – what you are going through and feeling is normal and unfortunately expected. Especially as we’re nearing the anniversary. Don’t be too hard on yourself for feeling the way you do. You’re feeling are valid and you’re not alone. It WILL get better.. I just can’t guarantee when.


  6. NoLongerNew

    Some thoughts after the fact:

    1) It seems Highlands doesn’t have enough parking for this event. Perhaps it’s grown over the years, but cars were looking for parking at the other end of town. Were they not allowed to use the Sea Streak lot or was it full?

    2) I like seeing the bikers ride down Bay Ave and many were talking about the businesses that were back open. I think the town did see a bump in business because of this and that’s a good thing. On the flip side, hopefully Bay Ave will look better next year. Maybe we can replace the broken windows and paint some facades between now & then.

    3) On my walk down Bay Ave I saw many groups riding 3 and 4 abreast and not caring about the cars behind them. “Share the road” goes both ways.

    4) Someone needs to remind the early arriving cyclists that not everyone gets up at 6am on Sundays. Yelling across the street and screaming for no apparent reason is not appropriate. People actually live in this town near the parking and along the route. Try being courteous and using your “indoor voice” until about 9am.


    1. Stacy

      The one’s who subscribe to the “we own the road so stay behind us” were probably the same one’s who were rude to the Seastreak crew yesterday!!


    2. highlandsblog Post author

      I got stuck behind a ton on Kings Hwy yesterday coming back from Middletown, although *most* rode in the single file like they were *supposed* to, there definitely were clumps that decided that they wanted to ride in clumps of 3 and 4 and have conversations with their buddies like they had no clue there were a line of 10 cars behind them wanting to get by on a narrow rode with double yellow line.


    3. Stacy

      They did that down Rumson Rd & Seven Bridges Road too. I was surprised to see how many don’t pay attention to the side streets, especially at the one’s where drivers are known to pretend there really “isn’t” a stop sign so slowing down becomes optional.


  7. rockemsockem

    Thats all just bad organizing….big surprise:) If done correctly it could in theory put town on map for a cool event once a year.


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