Something Else That Came To Highlands After Sandy: S.H.I.T

shitSandy Hook Iced Tea –

After the storm, Matthew Brescia spent every day for over 2 months working at Sandy Hook trying to repair the damage. As part of the Park Service, he had lived on Sandy Hook, and then was displaced to Long Branch. Now he is living in Highlands since the Park decided that park employees no longer need to live on the park. With him he brought Sandy Hook Iced Tea.

The idea for Sandy Hook Iced Tea started about ten years ago, while living out at Sandy Hook, a friend asked Matthew to make her a Long Island Iced Tea.  He did what he could, but since he was out of Coke, he used Sprite and called it a Sandy Hook Iced Tea.  They had a good chuckle once they realized the acronym and thought it would be a million dollar idea if anybody ever wanted moved on with it.  Years later, he had changed the recipe to make it around 5% alcohol rather than the 30% or whatever the original was.  Sandy Hook Iced Tea is a blend of malt, green tea, and natural fruit juices with no preservatives.

Right now you can get Sandy Hook Iced Tea at Off The Hook, The Chubby Pickle, Andy’s Shore Bar, and the Claddagh.  He really wants to try to bring some business and recognition to Highlands, so he’s allowing it to be exclusively available in Highlands.  Soon they will be looking to branch out much further. Any local establishments that want to include S.H.I.T to their establishments you can reach Matthew directly at

Somewhere in the future he may want to open his own brewery, but for the time being, he is looking to possibly get on board with a local brewery (maybe like a Carton), and see how it goes.  (So local businesses – here is an opportunity to get in at the ground floor, it would be great if he could maybe open something in town..)

Ultimately, he would love to open a brewery at one of the abandoned buildings on Sandy Hook.  There is a lot of things that would have to happen to make that a possibility, but he thinks it could be a great asset and attraction to the Park.

If you want to support this local Highlands entrepreneur, the Chubby Pickle is hosting a Sandy Hook Iced Tea party with Prizes including a Cornhole set this Thursday 9/26 or the Claddagh – 297 Bay Avenue, Highlands Friday, October 04, 2013 5:30p-7:30p

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