2nd House in Highlands fell

2nd house down in highlandsThe A frame on 2nd Ave that was lifted on toothpicks fell.  Notice no sirens or hooplah..2nd st house

I actually drove past it tonight and thought, that is going to fall with the first strong wind..

Yeah, I don’t have my engineering degree, but I do have common sense..

ALL: Jerome Homes was the lifter..house2fell

Check out last council meeting where Dale & Mayor address question on this house and the safety of…

You can ff to 1.12 – 1.18


  1. I wonder how long it will take for the town to tear this one down as a danger to public safety!!! And oh, BTW why are there no sirens, or emergency response, etc. Isnt that just a tad bit weird!


  2. Crazy how code enforcement works in this town. Glad our house is on 2×2 steel reinforced concrete blocks…. What is this town thinking?


  3. All the news sources say the house “was being raised.” I thought this was pretty much the finished product. We’re they going to supplement the lally columns with an actual foundation at some point?

    And whose head gets to roll for this one? Somebody gave them permits and, one hopes, inspections, although pretty much everyone knew this just didn’t look right.


  4. Ok point taken about the whole engineering thing about people losing licensnes and being sued and all. Which I believe will happen with the two incidents that have happened so far.

    Once again a rush to destroy the house immediately. Why? You would think the insurance company would want to investigate etc etc etc.

    So, at just the beginning of the house lifting beginning with hundreds left to go, the record is 2 collapses and 3 houses destroyed. Maybe its me, but that doesnt seem like a “stellar” record to me. It also raises questions by and fears of those that have yet to have their houses raised.


  5. Here is the story, When you use a contractor that is not a house mover.

    The word I received was the contr. lifted the house then he needed his equipment for another job so he support the structure on pipe columns and took his cribbing and beams to do another job. Really not the normal way to do a job. again people with no experience, not enough equipment and you pay for what you they don’t know.

    This sheds a bad light on those who have been doing this for years.. Yes their are risks in anything, but some people just ask for it.


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