HMGP – No Longer Done Through Dale

HMPGRemember all those Town Hall Meetings where we needed to be on the “Town Hazard Mitigation” group list, we were told make sure you sign up through Dale at the (wait for it) Highlands Solution Center.  (Drink)

Well apparently a few things have changed with this type of grant;

Instead of applying as a group, individuals will have to apply as individuals directly through the state. Apparently there were issues after Irene and NJ is the only state where they won’t let the individual municipalities administer the grants.

What does this mean?

You have to fill out ANOTHER Application.  (Or call 855 SANDYHM)


  • Eligible applicants can receive reimbursement of up to $30,000 for elevations on existing homes.
  • Must live in Monmouth County (or any other 100 year flood plain counties in NJ)
  • The applicant may not be a recipient of funding from the Department of Community Affairs’ RREM program. (So if you are eligible for $150k you can’t get this)
  • The property may not be targeted for acquisition under the HMGP acquisition program.
  • Must of been primary residence at the time of Sandy. (This has changed, rental properties were under here before)
  • No elevation work can be started.
  • Any income level can apply


  • Work can not commence without prior approval from New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
  • Home can not be in foreclosure
  • Flood insurance has to be maintained for the life of the property. (I’m not sure how they can enforce that, 3 owners in the future but..)

Some examples of Eligible Elevation Costs

  • Engineering services for design, structural feasibility analysis, and cost estimate preparation;
  • Surveying, soil sampling, completion of elevation certificate, deed recordation fees, legal and or permitting fees, construction management;
  • Disconnection of all utilities;
  • Physical elevation of the structure and subsequent lowering and attachment of the structure onto a new foundation;
  • Reconnecting of utilities and extending lines and pipes as necessary;
  • Debris disposal and erosion control;
  • Cost for repair of lawns, landscaping, sidewalks, and driveways if damaged by elevation activities;
  • Elevation of existing decks, porches, or stairs;

The application closes on September 15, 2013.


The application asks for basic information about your damaged residence, and the assistance you have received to help repair your single-family home. Collecting this information before you sit down to fill out the application will help you complete the application faster.


  1. Funny, I registered for this grant on 7/24 –  BEFORE my lift process started.  Now that I’m almost done, I wonder what they will do… Keeping receipts just in case but NOT holding my breath.


  2. I just went to the HMGP web site and it clearly says that individuals can’t apply themselves?

    Also on a side note anyone have any idea why we are not given the opportunity to be bought out by the govt. and someone I know in Sayreville who has never had water in their home is being offered a buy out?!


  3. Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

    Main Content

    Program Overview

    The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) provides grants to states and local governments to implement long-term hazard mitigation measures after a major disaster declaration. The purpose of the HMGP is to reduce the loss of life and property due to natural disasters and to enable mitigation measures to be implemented during the immediate recovery from a disaster. The HMGP is authorized under Section 404 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.

    Eligible Applicants and/or Subapplicants:
    •Local governments
    •Indian tribes or other tribal organizations
    •Private non-profit organizations

    Individual homeowners and businesses may not apply directly to the program; however an eligible Applicant or Subapplicant may apply on their behalf.


  4. Gonzo, what link are you using where you see that?

    I’ve applied for the individual HMGP via and am waiting (and waiting). Not really holding my breath on this, but I’m wondering if I’ve already screwed myself by hiring an architect.

    6. Can I begin the elevation process now?

    No, you must wait until you receive written Department of Community Affairs approval. Per FEMA, you may perform home repairs and recovery activities, but may not ‘place a shovel in the ground’ or initiate any activity related to physically elevating your home or you will be disqualified from the HMGP Elevation Program.


    • Jen, I think (fingers crossed) the key word is “physically.” My non-governmental interpretation of the phrase “any activity related to physically elevating” would lead me to believe you can line up whomever you want, you just can’t do the physical lifting or any of the physical prep work.

      Then again…does this money go towards the program where you have to hire whomever the state deems worthy?

      My thoughts & prayers are with everyone that has to navigate this labyrinth. Good luck & godspeed.


  5. I’m in the program from Irene and am still waitingfor the program to get started! Every time i ask i am told soon. It has been two years and one flood named sandy.


  6. I can’t believe that it never even occurred to Dale or the town that they might want to notify the people who are on their “list” that the town isn’t running this anymore. I have applied for everything out there, but was still considering whatever grants I could get via Dale as part of the solution.

    And Dale’s excuse that he doesn’t have email addresses? Just put a freaking letter in the mail to the 200 (!!) people that are RELYING on your for help — and if you could do this before the deadline of September 15, that would be awfully nice of you.

    I should really stop being surprised by the incompetence and/or laziness of the leadership of this town, shouldn’t I?


  7. I too applied for this grant back in July, when I was told “sorry you are on a wait list for RREM, but we will probably never get to you anyway so apply for this grant”. I did not read anywhere that I could not start the lift process before they take years to decide if I may get some funds. I am lifting before I complete the inside! I have my permits in, its been 3 weeks with no approval yet, however I did have the utility companies shut everything down and the electric company took the meter off the house. I wonder if that will disqualify me? I don’t even hold my breath any more, because other than the $10k live in the county for 3 years $$ everyone else has either shut the door in my face or never even gave me the decency of a Sorry can’t help you. The whole thing is overwhelmingly nauseating.


  8. Just wondering if anybody has received anything from Dale or the town about the change in procedure… My mailbox is empty so far and the deadline is rapidly approaching.


    • i dont understand any of this, on july 22 i applied for the hgmp grant with no problem even got an email confirmation from renew about it. did i do something wrong?


    • No you didn’t do anything wrong, in the past (and now everywhere but Jersey) the local municipality or in some cases the county applies for the HMGP grant on behalf of their residents affected. Highlands residents that thought because they were on Dales’ list for this they were “on the list”, but NJ decided instead of allowing the local municipalities to apply, the individuals would have to apply directly. There was some confusion on the communication that this was the same grant and that the “town” would not be applying on behalf of residents.


  9. I got an OEM recorded call from the mayor today (that would be Sept 12) mentioning that the town was no longer coordinating the grant process and that anyone who had registered with Dale now had to apply themselves. Oh yeah, and the deadline for this is September 15th…

    Anyone else get this or any other notifications?


    • It came up in our steering committee and we asked council to put it on the reverse 911 as many people were still unaware.



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