Where the Grants are

There are some newer grants for land lords, you can download the following: NJ CDBG DR summary spreadsheet

At a high level:

Rental Housing Fund for Restoration of Multi-Family Housing Private for profit or non- profit housing developers or Public Housing Authorities (PHAs). Will provide multiple funding mechanisms, including zero and low interest loans for new construction and rehab; portion allocated for households with incomes between 60% and 80% AMI; up to $5 million set aside repair to public housing, HUD, other fed owned, or assistance to “other displaced households.” Located in one of 9 counties or other areas deemed priority by the state.
Rental Housing Rehabilitation of Small Rental Properties Owners must certify as rental housing, not second home. 25 units or less. Targeted to LMI households.  Rents not to exceed 30% of 80% AMI. Priority to properties with units for special needs populations.
Rental Housing Predevelopment Fund for Affordable Rental Housing Nonprofit developers to fund eligible “pre-development” soft costs.  Must create new affordable housing units. Projects must meet program’s underwriting and feasibility standards.
Rental Housing Blight Reduction Pilot Program Nonprofit and for profit developers. Targeted to LMI households.  Housing costs not to exceed 30% of gross income. Must have unaddressed funding need. 7 units or less. Projects must meet program’s underwriting and feasibility standards. First come-first served


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