Its Monday in Highlands: Town Halls, Towers & Tall Tales

town hall signSaturday some folks received phone calls inviting them to the Highlands town hall meeting tonight at 8pm Henry Hudson.  Most folks did not.  It made it on the town web site 1/2 hour ago. Interestingly, most Steering committees are Mondays so let’s notify a few people of the meeting when it conflicts with other meetings.

Apparently the Shadow Lawn Tower Hi-Rise thing is a done deal. Not sure why they (the council) called for an emergency meeting and delayed it until Sept 4th or pretended to be giving the issue careful consideration. The Mayor is quoted in saying:

I am happy to say the proposed ordinance has not received one vote against its inception at the borough council or the planning board. A 21-0 record so far and scheduled to be read and voted on in September.

I’m guessing he’s not counting all the public outcry from the last council meeting as “not one vote.” Its also interesting that he is speaking for the whole council.  To show your disdain and dissatisfaction with this ordinance, click on the Shadow Lawn objection email 8.2013 ,

Cut and paste it into an email and send it the council.

To see the meeting streamed.. CLICK HERE


  1. As soon as I heard his voice I hung up. Nothing wrecks my mood faster than hearing his voice knowing fully well no decision he ever makes is in MY best interest and therefore he’s not worth one nano second it takes to recognize his voice.


  2. We didn’t get a call, but then again our landline is disconnected as we are living in exile across the street while the house is being lifted. Town does have my cell number, but no call from them on the cell.

    Nothing about things get done in Highlands shocks me anymore, nothing.

    We can’t stream the meeting as both of us are on different Steering Committees that are meeting tonight. We’ll try to get someone to do that for us.


  3. As far as Im concerned the town hall meetings are a joke, and are purely a public relations device used by the mayor. Firstly, any and all comments made at these meetings carry absolutely no weight as these meetings are not “official” and are not recorded. So, anyone can say whatever they want. Good luck with the streaming thing, but someone making a represenation about something at these meetings can just claim they “mis-spoke” etc.

    Just the way the Q and A is handled shows you how carefully these “town hall” meetings are orchestrated. People have to submit the questions in writing, and then the mayor gets to sort through them and decide what questions he feels like answering, and there is generally no follow up or actual discussion allowed. This is of course done in the guise of, keeping the meetings organized and such. All of it is a joke, and its the same old songs, “horray for us, what a great job we are doing” , “Horray for emergency services, arent we just dandy”, “Look at how much we are doing for you”.

    All of this when there are endless complaints now about things have been handled post Sandy. In my judgement these so-called “town hall” meetings are a pure waste of time.


    • In most other towns, the official asks the attendees to put their names in bowls. When their nanme is called out, they get to ask their question in front of everyone present. Who gave this mayor the authority to change this process? The residents need to speak up at these meetings! Enough is enough.


  4. Duncan, the streaming is more for the benefit of the residents than for that “GOTCHA!” moment. Aside from being streamed live, they can be viewed on-demand at any time. It’s good for people that, like a lot of us, are in FEMA steering committee meetings. How convenient for the mayor that those that are most outspoken about the town’s antics won’t be available this evening.

    You are correct in that the town hall meetings can be a waste of time. I stopped going at one point because I didn’t need to be concerned with permits, lifting, grants, funding, etc. I did start going again once I saw that the mayor was up to no good with his attempt to ram a high rise down our throats. It’s where I learned about all their other ideas for ratables, like the high density “ferry transit village.” I wonder just how densely populated they want this town.


  5. NoLongerNew,

    Have you ever considered, especially how this mayor has orchestrated his PR and other things, that maybe getting you guys “involved” and on so called “steering committees” as the idea all along. Kinda like fly paper? Keeping you occupied, and allegedly being “in the loop”, and “part of the process” keeps you happy and shut up. At least thats been some of the theory in the past. For instance, sometimes appointments in boards or given to outspoken people that are trying to be “won over” to get them to shut up and become a friendly entity.

    It is my belief that the only things you guys will be “steering” are your cars to a bunch of pointless meetings where what you say will have no impact at all! Does anyone really believe that anyones “opinions” are going to be taken over anyone on the council. Remember, that the mayors favorite saying is, “well thats your opinion”. Consider that before expending your time on a venture that could be pointless! Just sayin……………..


  6. I did get the call early Saturday morning, but I am ill and didn’t attend. Thanks for providing the e-mail; I did send it. I wish I had been picked for a committee!


  7. OK did anyone actually go to the “town hall” meeting last night? I see a total absence of any comments about the meeting. It must have been just ducky!


    • Duncan,

      Why don’t you watch the stream?  You know, that complete waste of my time that won’t change anything…


  8. I really dont have to. if anything of consequence happened at the meeting, Im sure someone would have mentioned it here. However, as of this date, there is zip posted here! Therefore, I have to conclude it was a total yawner as most of the previous ones have been.


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