House Lifter Drops House in Highlands

IMG_1045[1]Emergency services responded to Willow Street 1 block up from Shore for the building collapse, no reported entrapment at this time. Utilities were requested to the scene, Asbury Park Special Services Unit requested to the scene also.

A two story house being lifted fell off its beam, twisted and came to a rest against the bungalow next door.

I’m not sure which house lifter it is, but I want to make sure I don’t use them.fallen house 2

To view Arial photos from ABC click here

From ““I was notified around 11 a.m. that a house had shifted on its foundation and had gone into a second house,” Dale Leubner said. “All these houses will be coming down today. It’s too precarious to keep it where it is, looking at it, evaluating it, it becomes more of a health and safety issue than anything else.”


UPDATE 3:30:  Both Houses have been demolished


  1. They are a construction co not house lifters.
    it appears they were using jacks that are very unstable. you need a unified jacking. machine
    and years of experience. homeowers need to be sure they carry cargo ins. so they are protected if this happens.


    • when you lift the house from the foundation it is no longer covered by builders risk insurance. It is considered cargo just like on the bed of a truck. So would use someone that has general liability, workers compenstation and a cargo policy.


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