Highlands Mentioned in NYT article NOT about raising the town

In today’s NY Times Real Estate section there is an article that mentions Highlands, and its not about raising the town. (Really)

What’s it about, how desirable it is to live in Ocean, NJ. The different nearby towns, what you’ll pay for real estate, what there is to do, how the schools are, where you can commute to..

“Some opt for the 30-minute drive to Highlands, where they can catch a Seastreak Ferry that takes about 45 minutes to get to Manhattan; one-way tickets cost $26.”

The NY Times is telling people to live 30 minutes from Highlands but come here to commute to the city. (Ahem) Maybe we should be using our Press Release contacts to do this type of article on why to LIVE AND COMMUTE FROM Highlands, instead of articles saying how we’re going to raise our town 11 feet for 200 million dollars. (Heavy Sigh)

Let’s play pretend shall we?

What You’ll Pay

For $350k you’ll get 3 bd/3 ba 1900 sq ft and a view, or you can get a Handyman special for about $100k.

What to Do

Steps away from the water, biking, beaches, forrest, trails, 16 restaurants, 40 min ferry ride to NYC. The whole town is less than a mile squared. A small beach town feel with easy access to NYC and Red Bank.

Local Schools?

Highlands Elementary School and Henry Hudson High school are walkable or bikeable from most parts of town.  Plenty of Private schools are available as well.

The History:

From the mid 1800’s New York theatrical producers and famous actors built summer homes in Highlands. The area became so popular that Harper’s Magazine sent a journalist down nearly every summer in the 1870’s and 1880’s to write about the town and its people.

By the 1920’s, Highlands was an incredibly popular tourist destination. By 1932, however, century-long steamboat operations on the Shrewsbury and Navesink Rivers came quickly to an end. The Seashore Railroad had been built on the Sandy Hook peninsula during 1865 and a ferry service was established to take passengers across the river from Highlands to his hotel on Sandy Hook. There still is a ferry service today that takes you to base of Wall Street in 35 minutes.

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  1. High taxes, uneducated government officials, a just average school system, and a town that floods in high humidity. And we wonder why the Times says to move 30 minutes away?


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