Torrential Rain Brings Flooding in Highlands Today

Waterwitch Ave_Recreation 8_13_13(1)When it rains it pours, at least in Highlands. We need to revisit all the flood mitigation ideas..

a) WIPP Hydro Solutions

b) Flood Gates

c)Other Ideas

and of course there is the popular

d) Raising the town

Of course, in contrary, Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long is attending  a two-day conference that brings together Dutch and American experts on water management for coastal communities. The goals are to study ways to protect three regions — the Jersey Shore, downtown Manhattan and Jamaica Bay — impacted by superstorm Sandy.

She is quoted in in saying “What comes out of this hopefully will bring a benefit to the entire region, In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense for each town to do its own thing if it doesn’t fit into a regional plan.”  So I guess she would be against the town of Highlands spending $200+ million on just the town of Highlands to mitigate flooding.. (ahem, not like the rest of us have been saying that since Sandy..)


  1. I wonder if residents from town’s effected can attend conference? Thank goodness we have a smart neighboring town Mayor that is looking at big picture and not the short sightedness we have here. Can Mayor Long adopt us?


  2. Yes, please. I would love Dina to adopt us. Maybe she could find a muzzle for Frank. This damn story is everywhere. How mortifying.

    This is the kind of flooding that should be stopped by the storm drainage system that we supposedly have.

    How did the hillside fare during the storm? Any more slides?


  3. I am so tired of running into water up to my knees to move the car whenever it rains…..
    Why can’t the drains be fixed?!!! It took 2 hrs for the street to clear.
    And why can’t they restrict traffic when the water’s high? People driving by have a contest to see who can splash the farthest and make the biggest wake.


  4. I don’t think there were any slides. Thankfully it had been pretty dry up until this storm.

    The suggestions in the blog post – geo tubes, flood gates, bulkheads, etc – won’t help this situation. The rain comes hard & fast & flows down the hill. The council keeps talking about diverting the water from above 36 to the river. When is that going to happen???

    And with all of the work being done not a single piece of green infrastructure has been used in Highlands. This kind of flash flooding wouldn’t end without major infrastructure changes, but it would certainly be mitigated if the town would start instituting some of these:

    I’m hoping the FEMA steering committees come up with options other than just lifting every home & business.


  5. Hey everyone! Dont you know that the wisdom of our town fathers is vastly superior to anyone who has dealt with flooding issues for centuries! Uh………….. yeah! ………………

    As far as the steering committees go, I think the only think they will be steering is a waste of their time.


  6. I watched that water come down snug Harbor, make the turn on recreation place, and fill up waterwitch Avenue just like I’ve watched it for the past 10 years. Along with the water, the mud made its normal appearance. This has become such a commonplace occurrence that all I think we need to do is raise our houses and let the mud from Monmouth Hills raise the town.
    And after that channel beside the recreation center was dredged there appeared to be no difference in the depth of the water or the amount of mud.


    • The funny thing is its the same flooding pattern as high tide/full moon. Is there one solution for both issues? It was 2 hours prior to high tide and took 2 hours to subside Is pumping water back into river that is flooding us during high tide not just heading back in? So how is the plan they have going to help both of these situations? The drainage/sewer systems are simply not inadequate.


  7. Too bad I haven’t gotten my phone call from the Flood Mitigation Committee I signed up for at the FEMA shindig [insert shocked face]. I have lots of ideas and will bring those mentioned here to the table as well. Although, the Chair would need to 1. Call residents to accept them into the committees they signed up for; 2. Start actually having the brainstorming sessions; 3. Listen to the people who live here… Pipe dreams me thinks.


  8. I’m convined that this whole FEMA committee thing is truly a sham. They want everyone’s ‘input’ to take to the Sterring committee -. and who is this Steering committee– None other than the SAME PEOPLE who are running things into the ground now. No thank you, I’m not drinking the kool-aid this time….
    More that once at these post-sandy town meetings, I’ve brought up the fact that the whole ‘flood mitigation plan’ of a few years ago never materialized and why not now. I was TOLD that this the post-sandy work had nothing to do with that and that new plans were going to be developed. Yeah, sure. I’m still waiting with my rubber boots and raincoat.
    You are right in that the water is coming down the hill. I think just letting the dirt from up there fill in the downtown is a great cost-saving alternative to raising the town!


  9. I haven’t heard back either about the committees. I don’t even know who one could call to follow up on this. Surely if they wanted recommendations by October, these committees should already be active.


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