Stormwater Pipes Failed Causing Higher Bacteria Levels

The enderococci figure at Miller Beach in Highlands was extremely high the past June indicated the presence of pathogens that could have caused illness in humans.  According to Manasquan Patch, there were  stormwater pipes, which failed in June causing the higher bacteria levels.Miller Beach

If an initial sample at any particular beach comes in at 104 or higher, (Miller Beach was <911) a re-sample is immediately required and a sanitary test of the area is conducted.  The monitors will collect a sample at the center site, and then perform bracketing samples by sampling side to side to determine the extent of contamination.

If two consecutive samples exceed the standard, the bathing beach closes until sample results are back below 104.  July samples at Miller Beach came back down to <21, so no closures were mandated.


  1. Nice to know NOW what the levels were in June… jeeze, my family was here playing in that beach 100 feet from our house. If only someone would give us information in a timely fashion… I know, more pipe dreams…


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