A New Business is Opening in Highlands

HPCHYou asked for it.. Ok you didn’t ask for it.. It didn’t actually make the list of “what businesses would you like to see in highlands poll.” But you’re getting it!!

A New Pancake House!! – The Highlands Pancake House

Its not like we have other breakfast joints in town.. (Ok, we have a few breakfast joints in town)..

But I’m sure none of them serve pancakes.


So Anybody hear about the Sandy Homebuyer Assistance Program ?

It  will provide qualified low and moderate income borrowers with a forgivable, INTEREST-FREE loan of up to $50,000! All
you have to do is purchase a home in any of the nine Sandy-impacted area like Highlands, have a credit score of 620 and make less than $46k a year.  Of course if you only make $46k, you can only afford a house that is about $50k. (That does include the down payment) After you pay your taxes, Home Owners Insurance, Flood insurance, Sewer, Electric, water etc. You’re broke. – But hey there is a program out there for you.


  1. Great for the owners of the pancake house….
    BUT this Homeowners Asst Pgm is just ANOTHER BS program for people that won’t be able to buy a house because their income is so low…..
    GRRRRR from those of us with a job and insurance. What did we do so wrong that there’s no help for us??!


    • I know. There’s part of me that feels evil for saying this, but I really don’t understand the motivation behind giving the vast majority of the money to people who won’t be able to afford to keep and keep up their homes.

      My mortgage is fairly cheap. But when you add in the (most certainly not going down) taxes, insurance (both flood and homeowners), sewer bills (srsly, $560 a year to POOP?), and all the other utilities and general maintenance, what good is a $50K mortgage going to do besides help someone get foreclosed on quickly? Or what if (God forbid) another storm hits? Are they going to just walk away from these houses? How invested will they be if it’s basically free money?

      I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination, and work two jobs to keep what I do have. But this whole mess is going to put me in debt for the rest of my life, just to be able to keep what I do have and lift the beast so I can (sort of) afford to pay for more insurance on it.



    • From the APP:

      There are no monthly payments. If the home is sold within five years, the loan must be repaid from the proceeds of the sale, according to a fact sheet on the program. After a year, the homeowner would owe only $40,000, after two years, $30,000 and so on, said Lisa Ryan, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Community Affairs.


    • That’s great if they sell the home. What if they default on the mortgage and it goes to foreclosure?

      I really wish I was allowed to spend my tax dollars as I see fit. I’d rather see this money be used to fund the NJ RREM grant so that more people can offset the out of pocket costs to lift their primary residence that they’ve already bought and are paying for.


  2. I’m all for filling vacancies in town. I just hope there’s enough demand to keep them all in business.


  3. Girl’s cafe makes pancakes too… guess Laura is going to have a bit of competition but I am sure her loyal customers will stay with her. It is good to have more businesses investing in town though.


  4. I can see the other grant programs but this one is BS.They would be better off giving it to people that are fixing up their property.
    As for the person working two jobs,they are too many people that have to work two jobs or just finding one job. We spent over 12 billion dollars building Iraq and Afghanistan that we could have used to build America. today they were saying the military spent billions buying Russian helicopters for the Afghanistan military and millions more on buildings they were told would not be used. That money should have been spent here putting Americans to work on good paying jobs.


    • If you want to keep jobs in this country you have to buy goods made in this country. Trust me, it’s not easy and it’s not always cheap. But that’s the sacrifice I make to help our economy.


  5. Ya know what I would really really really love to see in town? A real diner! And a 24 hour one at that!

    I mean, I cant be the only one that gets hungry late at night, or on weekends, doesnt want to cook, but yet wants some good hot food! And not food that costs a million bucks like at some of our “fine” Highlands restaurants. Let the bennies pay those prices! Like……… at the clam fest for instance! 🙂


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