August 7th FEMA/Highlands Visioning Meeting at 7:30 @HHHS

The Borough of Highlands will host a public visioning session to begin planning the borough’s Long Term Recovery Strategy. The meeting will take place Wednesday, August Image7 at 7:30 p.m. in the cafeteria of Henry Hudson Regional High School, 1 Grand Tour, Highlands.

This is an open public meeting. For informational purposes, this initial workshop session is for the gathering of ideas and finding out if residents would like to commit the time needed and serve on sub-committees as they are formed. Members of the audience will have an opportunity to participate in the process, but again, this session will be focused on the future and long term recovery by collecting ideas.

Folks wishing to serve on the sub-committees (as developed through this process) will be asked to sign up using the Borough’s Citizen Leadership Form which will be available on-site the night of the meeting, or can be downloaded.

All residents are encouraged to attend and participate.


  1. RatsI Won’t be in town Thursday evening ….will be there in spirit!
    Great job this weekend ….you guys Rock!


  2. Im tired of wasting my time at these things to hear the same old information, or mis information, over and over again, to change, then change again, or be wrong. And I love how these things become horray for us sessions! Arent we just great! Pat us on the back……..once…..again………….


    • A group of us volunteered and all for different committees. We are hoping that our ideas can spark changes in as many areas as possible.


  3. NolongerNew,

    With all due respect, I would suggest you come and live in a place called “Reality”. Anyone that thinks that anything that comes out of these so called “committees” will have the slightest impact on what will happen, needs to put the crack pipe down!

    The committees, town meetings, and all that crap is just “drugs” (an opiate for the masses so to speak) to try to keep people happy, shut them up, and distract them, by making them feel like they are somehow “involved” in the process.

    The cold truth, is that months ago Im sure the whole “plan” on what is going to happen with the town was decided behind closed doors, and out of ear shot of the public. Most likely by certain interests standing to lose or gain by what happens with the town!

    But I support volunteerism, feel free to waste your breath as much as possible and feel involved and important! Knock yourselves out!


  4. Duncan- while I agree that not much, if anything, might come from this, at least we care enough to try. If one doesn’t try to actively do something, then I guess fixing the problem isn’t that important to one after all.


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