Clamfest & Saturday = Police call for backup in Highlands

breakingnewsclamfestYou know how people that live around Wind & Sea complain about Wind & Sea? Well on Saturday (errr Sunday am)true to form people went out after Clamfest and got a little rowdy and gave something for the neighbors on Shrewsbury to complain about. Approximately 4 AM police were called to disperse a large crowd at Wind & Sea and HPD had to call in for back up. I’m not sure what caused the ruckus, but I’m pretty sure alcohol was involved.

2 thoughts on “Clamfest & Saturday = Police call for backup in Highlands

  1. Duncan McLeod

    Now when you say, Ruckus, could you describe the “Ruckus”…………………. (Think Breakfast club) LOL 🙂


  2. NoLongerNew

    They couldn’t have possibly been over serving their patrons and/or been over capacity. They don’t do that sort of thing, right?


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