Clamfest & Saturday = Police call for backup in Highlands

breakingnewsclamfestYou know how people that live around Wind & Sea complain about Wind & Sea? Well on Saturday (errr Sunday am)true to form people went out after Clamfest and got a little rowdy and gave something for the neighbors on Shrewsbury to complain about. Approximately 4 AM police were called to disperse a large crowd at Wind & Sea and HPD had to call in for back up. I’m not sure what caused the ruckus, but I’m pretty sure alcohol was involved.


  1. Now when you say, Ruckus, could you describe the “Ruckus”…………………. (Think Breakfast club) LOL 🙂


  2. They couldn’t have possibly been over serving their patrons and/or been over capacity. They don’t do that sort of thing, right?


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