Clamfest & Transformer blew – Just another Friday Night in Highlands

Friday Night, the weather was comfortable, clear – not too humid,  at Clamfest, tons of people, you couldn’t walk 10 feet without running into people you knew.IMG_0992  Carl Gentry was playing on the stage.

The VFW moved their beer garden back to the front of the building facing Clamfest this year, just like they  used to have way back when. They didn’t have enough tables. Not sure if it was because Thursday Night was a wash due to the rain or because Highlands is closer than IMG_0991other places, we had lots of people show up.

Rides & games were lacking this year, only a few were available. Noticeably missing was the pirate ship.

If you lived downtown around the Captain Cove area, you were probably better venturing out to Clamfest than staying home as a Transformer blew and around 50 Highlands homes had no power last night. JCP&L didn’t state what the cause of the outage was.

carl gentry I couldn’t tell you how the food was, the lines were so long, I didn’t want to wait, but the normal sea food fare was available:

Steamed Clams, Raw Clams, Lobster Roll, Fish Tacos.  Chilangos has their famous Pork Wings for the non-Sea Food crowd. There were some new non-Highlands food vendors. I guess due to some of the restaurants *not* coming back, choices for local restaurant participation were slim pickins.


  1. Apparently the rides vendor agreed to come back this year, signed the contract, then took all their larger rides to Seaside Heights and brought a few kiddie rides to Clamfest. I’d say a new ride vendor would be in order next year.
    Bahrs Landing has their seafood chili…awesome.


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