What Highlands will look like in 2030 with no flood control

According to Surging Seas, which studies sea level rises with Climate Change, much of Highlands will be under water by 2030.

They project the probabilities of reaching different high water levels in the future, through combinations of storms, tides and sea level rise, they then developed statistics based on patterns of historical extreme water levels, and then superimposed the sea level rises they projected onto these. They used local statistics and local sea level projections for each of the 55 water level stations analyzed.
They are predicting over 1 in 6 chance sea level rise + storm surge + tide will overtop +5ft by 2030 at nearest flood risk indicator site: The Battery – New York Harbor, which is 20.4 miles away.

2030  This is somewhat different than the Rutgers Study I blogged about earlier this year. Which at three feet had most of the captain’s cove area under water as well and mirrored what types of flooding we see today with Full Moon/New Moon tidal issues.

sea levels in Highlands 3ftWhich ever study you choose to believe, the constant message is:
Highlands Floods.

Sea Wall or Flood gate anyone?


  1. I can’t wait for Mayor Nolan to suggest we back fill those areas that will be under water. That’s a compromise, right? 🙂


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