4 New Businesses Open in Sea Bright – Flooding problems & all

we're openYou got give it to Sea Bright, they’re doing something right, not only are existing businesses opening; they have 4 new businesses opening as well.

Gracie & the Dudes  ice cream shop and the 7-Eleven are both returning shortly. But the real story is that four totally new businesses opened up. In a flood zone. (Ah-hem, hint hint very similar to Bay Ave in Highlands.)

The new additions in Sea Bright are:

ALICE’S KITCHEN opened in the space long occupied by Steve’s Breakfast & Lunch. Chef and owner, Alice Gaffney, (formally of the Claddagh) who’s combining Ireland with the Jersey breakfast. Think Irish soda bread & pork roll.

BEACH BURGERS AND GRILLE, 1064 Ocean Avenue Antonio Murray decided to open a traditional burger joint.

JAKE’S SURF SHOP  Owner, Jake O’Donnell is planning on the beach carries surfboards, wet suits, and beach apparel.

BILLY G’S BEACH BISTRO -Ok so this one isn’t totally new, just relocated. It features a fusion menu. Hours are Monday through Saturdays for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Sundays for breakfast and lunch.

Maybe the Highlands BID should take a lesson from Sea Bright Business Alliance on how to attract new businesses.


  1. Good observation- maybe occasional flooding isn’t what is holding back Bay Avenue after all. The main differences are observable: SB has more parking, and it is free; the Ocean Avenue strip is visually pleasant and inviting with attractive storefronts with residences above. SB stores have nicer awnings, better signage design, and good lighting. These are easy to replicate on Bay Avenue, with the right design team backed by cooperative owners and maybe some grant money to help purchase substandard lots and create parking pockets or greenfields areas.


  2. So what is Sea Bright’s trick? Yes, the parking helps. But what else is there? Highlands might not have wide sidewalks but it *IS* walk-able. It’s not like we’re dealing with major traffic and most times drivers are courteous and let you cross.

    Is it the beach that lures people to open? Is it the thought that the beach brings people that would pop in for bite before/during/after their time on the sand? Or is it something more like location (36 is the only street through town & has more traffic than Bay Ave), lower taxes, the Business Partnership/Business Improvement District (or lack there of…I don’t know if they even have one).

    Maybe Highlands should paint the town in vibrant colors and then detour the Rt 36 traffic down Bay Ave every now & then. 🙂


  3. I have been saying this for years; flooding isn’t the problem, it’s the egos and power grabs of those in charge that has stopped the Business District from being a true destination.

    Politics make strange bed fellows


  4. And Sea Bright is getting another new business. I noticed a sign on the old Brahma Yoga space. Nova is coming soon, but I went by too fast to see what business it’ll be. I’ll keep an eye out & let you know.


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