Goat Herder’s Now At Sandy Hook

ImageI’ve always heard that the goat herder’s were on the hills in Highlands. However, as of yesterday, 11 Nubian goats from upstate New York are residing in Sandy Hook to tackle the poison ivy and other pesty plant problems. The nonprofit Sandy Hook Foundation, is funding the goats-in-residence project through October at a cost of about $12,000.

The clearing of poison ivy is a necessary first step toward making the certain areas like the one located across from the lighthouse at the northern end of Sandy Hook, more accessible to the public, and restoring the battery and the adjacent ammunition “pits.”

Apparently goats will quickly gobble up poison ivy. But since they don’t actually eat the roots, the plants will grow back. Using goats over an extended period, will starve the plant of the energy it needs to survive.

The goats will be residing on the hook until October, however, herder’s warn beach goers not to try to pet the beasts as their coats will be covered with the poison ivy oils.

No word on if the Highlands coyotes will be going over as well.


  1. We could use a few of these in town to clean up some of the lawns that haven’t been touched all summer. Think they’d rent them out to us?


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