Highlands Church To Host Out of State Volunteers

A volunteer hosting site for Sandy recovery teams opened in Highlands, NJ on July 15, 2013. The Highlands United Methodist Church building which was flooded in the storm and has since been renovated by volunteers will be regularly hosting 50-100 volunteers from around the United States during any given week.

The opening of the Highlands site marks an important milestone for A Future with Hope. It is the first site dedicated to hosting volunteers and will serve as a flagship for its operations. In addition to housing volunteers, the Highlands site will be available to serve community needs for the surrounding neighborhood. A worship service for the volunteers and the community will be held every Thursday evening.

To learn more about A Future with Hope, Inc. visit www.afuturewithhope.org.


  1. This is awesome. I saw a lot of activity around the church last night and was curious as to what was going on. If you can, please keep us updated on what we can do to assist while they are in town.


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