Will Severe Weather affect your Highlands Plans tomorrow??


Whether you were planning on being outside for the VFW’s Hell or Highwater concert starting at 2 pm or a relaxing night at the Atlantic Highlands Film Festival where 60 short/short films will be screened under the stars, at the Atlantic Highlands Marina, things might be taking a turn due to possible severe weather threats. The Film festival has a rain date of  Sunday, July 21st they will make the final decision no later than noon on July 20th. As far as the Hell or Highwater concert, well I think the name says it all.


  1. looks like its just gonna be one band of thunderstorms that blast thru in teh afternoon/ evening then leave and remains clear


  2. Oh yeah! I already told them at work I’m not coming in….and then they told me I’d be fired if I didn’t show up…..


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