Planning Board Meeting Tonight

So if you happen to be perusing through the web site and look at the Agenda for tonights meeting at the Highlands Elementary School at 7:30 (just posted today).

You’ll notice a couple of things:

Action & Approval for PB 2013-2 which pertains to a personal property(s) on Shrewsbury that were affected by Sandy.

Then innocently down the list they mention Reviewing O-13-16. Don’t know what O-13-16 is? That is the ordinance introduce by the Council in last Wed (July 3) emergency meeting.  It is proposed to change the Mobile Home Residence District (which currently allows for Highrise multi-family for up to 6 floors I believe to Highrise multi-family with no MH usage.

Why is this important? It opens the door for development of another East Point on the Hill.

There will be 3 main opposing arguments here:

1) You shouldn’t displace the mobile home residents – vote no

2) We need the rateables, so let the developer do whatever he wants, its his land – vote yes

3) Development of the land is necessary for rateables however, I don’t want another East Point up there – vote  no OR yes with stringent stipulations.

As always there will be streaming of this meeting if you can’t come in person.


  1. So what happened? Was there a neck tie party? A gibbeting? An immolation? Will there be a trial?


  2. PLEEZE don’t make me listen to the whole 2 hrs. Sorry, I wasn’t able to make it.
    Can’t you tell us what happened in less time!!


    • Come on Babs, that is 2 hours of my life I will NEVER get back… Ok, in short, they will state reasons it does not comply with the Master Plan. Then give recommendations as to how to rectify that. You owe me big time 🙂


    • What you really should do is come up with the “Cliff Notes” version and make yourself a few bucks.


    • To me it was a double edge sword, all the board ‘swore, they personally, had not spoken to any developers and this wasn’t ‘spot zoning’ – however, the other side is ‘why the heck not haven’t you spoken to not just one but many developers to figure out the best way to develop not only this piece of property but other properties in Highlands too?


    • I want to expand on the spot zoning issue. The planning board is very non-committal as far as the spot zoning goes. We were told at the meeting that it is not up to them to determine if the ordinance is spot zoning. They best they can do is send the ordinance back to council and “advise” that it “might” appear to be spot zoning to some and that there “might” be potential for a law suit and that the council should take that into consideration when finalizing the ordinance.


  3. Did they re-zone Jackson St as valet parking? Because that’s what’s been going on here all day. So weird!


  4. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has published final rule 10 CFR 433: Energy Efficiency Design Standards for New Federal Commercial and Multi-Family High-Rise Residential Buildings (July 9, 2013) to implement provisions in the Energy Conservation and Production Act (ECPA) that require DOE to update the baseline federal energy efficiency performance standards for the construction of new federal commercial and multi-family high-rise residential buildings. This rule updates the baseline federal commercial standard to ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010, effective September 9, 2013.


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