Highlands is Hiring..


Building Dept. Secretary –Part-time 24 hrs. per week. Up to $15/hr Afternoon, evening hours.Must have experience in processing construction permits, & scheduling of inspections. Excellent communication, computer and customer service skills required.

 Recycling Yard Attendant  Part-time 24 hours per week. Up to $11/hr  Must be available afternoons & Sat mornings. Ability to communicate, assist residents and do routine clean-up work area as required.

 Building Maintenance Part time, 20-24 hours per week. Up to $11.00 hr. Must be available to work around multiple office schedule. Knowledge of general building maintenance and custodial duties required.

Resumes can be submitted to Administrator Tim Hill, 171 Bay Avenue, Highlands, NJ 07732 or email to thill@highlandsborough.org

Applications must be submitted by 7/12/13


  1. My initial (smart-ass, of course) response was, “what, they finally ran out of relatives to hire?”

    Excellent customer service skills! Ability to schedule inspections! Ha! That’s right up there with the recycling guy “assisting.” That might involve getting out of the truck…

    But I think it’s law that they have to post openings, even if they already have the candidates lined up, or plan on rehiring the same people that were already doing the job. It would be nice, actually, if the recycling/maintenance jobs went to the garbage guys that got their jobs outsourced to the eejits that are doing it now. Apparently they didn’t SEE my garbage sitting on the curb last Monday so it’s been sitting around getting nice and ripe for a week.


    • In fairness….I think they had eejits picking up the garbage before the job was outsourced!

      I had a guy once refuse to pick up my recycling because the can was “mixed” – an entire trash can of plastic and bottles with something like a one fast food wrapper on top that some drunk tossed in on his way home!


  2. Yeah – NOW they’re hiring! Of course, even if I was looking now….there’s no guarantee they’d hire ME!

    I’m still waiting for them to call me back when I signed up to VOLUNTEER after Irene!


  3. OK I think everyone is being hard on the town when it comes to hiring. They hire lots and lots of people. Remember there are lots of people in town with the name Hartsgrove, Oneil, Parker, etc. So See? Its totaly fair!


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