Will Shadow Lawn become East Point South?

The night before 4th of July, a Potential Ordinance was Introduced to amend Zoning and Land Use Code for the MH Mobile Home District known as “Shadowlawn” and lift the height restriction in an emergency session of the Highlands Council.
All attending members voted “yes” to the potential introduction.  There will be 2 other public meetings on this subject, one with the planning board then one more with the council.
To view the streamed version of Wednesday’s meeting click here

15 thoughts on “Will Shadow Lawn become East Point South?

  1. rockemsockem

    I watched that meeting and that whole thing was Shady. They didn’t seem to consider any of the concerns that the few of you “Thank God” brought up. We need development downtown not on the hill. Not only do the people who live downtown need to be concerned about coming storms, flooding from already taxed infrastructure but now landslides that couldI be catastrophic. We need development downtown and since they can’t get any money from Pallone to help us like every other shore town we may need private money from developers downtown to help. They really are just clueless to the will of the people they serve it disgusts me to watch. Whether you live downtown or uptown I would like to believe that everyone (except council and Mayor) want a thriving downtown.
    It just gets worse!


  2. Duncan McLeod

    OK heres the deal, and lets get real………….. shall we?

    We need to get rid of that ghetto and the other one at the other end of town. All they do is stain the tax base and do no return a fraction of what they could be assessed for taxes if they were properly developed!!! I say develop the crap out of both sites. Unless you like paying more in taxes, which has been going on for decades!!! Basically the town has been subsidizing two ghettos on prime water front and water view property!!! That is insane!!!!

    What is the alternative, leave the ghettos as is. They cause the school taxes and all other taxes to be higher. With them redeveloped way more revenue goes into the tax base, and you get rid a lot of the crime that comes from the two ghettos being in town.

    What other town do you know that is less than a mile wide, has not one, but two trailer ghettos in it??

    If the town is to get anywhere, all of the available property is going to have to be developed to its fullest potential. Because this has not been done in the past, is why the town is in the sad shape its in financially, and physically!!!


    1. highlandsblog Post author

      @duncan I respectfully disagree. I think there are many options between plan a) leave shadow lawn as is and b) put a high rise there.
      There is plan c) Add single family homes there, plan d) put town homes there plan e) put condos there with a 4 story height limit plan f) add a hotel there with a 4 story height limit, plan g) another idea here

      I don’t think the issue is solely on the development of that piece of property, I (IMO) think the issue is how the development will be handled. i.e. will the development of a high rise cause mudslides like what happened in Irene to the town houses on Shore Drive.

      As much as no one whats 4 ft of bay water in their kitchen they also don’t want 4 ft of mud in their kitchen either. All you have to do is look behind the town houses on Shore by Havanas to realize the hill isn’t rock, its red mud. (see the beginning of the Highlands hills video for a visual)

      Additionally as concerning, why isn’t there talk of development of Bay Ave. If our options are only back filling the town or flooding, who would want to purchase and develop on Bay Ave until that venture is either complete or another venture is vetted and confirmed.


    2. NoLongerNew

      We’d be lucky to have four feet of mud in those townhouses. The two with the most damage had eight feet. It probably would have been more but the patio door is only so high and so wide.


    3. rockemsockem

      First of all I’m all for inclusion of al income levels and do not judge people by what their means are or where or how they choose to live as long as they aren’t hurting anybody.The point is if you have walked around town there are blocks and blocks of blighted homes and there are none up on the hill. We need development downtown and that should be priority as far as I’m concerned. How much will it cost ultimately to subsidies a developer who will make money but we will need to split the costs of infrastructure and schools as was mentioned in meeting along with the HUGE issue of landslides.. No site plan or details regarding these questions but lets all vote yes to do it. Such blind Ignorance!!!! Yeah lets get real and fix the long ignored decayed infrastructure and develop and protect our downtown to bring in tax dollars. People that come off that boat and rent bikes to go to Sandy Hook are not riding up to a 6 story high rise across from a Quickcheck but they ride through our downtown lets give them something to do or see along with residents of all of the Highlands.


    4. rockemsockem

      Just to add the people of Paradise Park took buy outs on their leases prior to storm but the developer is trying to weasel their way out of it now. They should pay the people and develop already. Greed is Ugly!


    5. tom

      We live in a poor fishing town. Its been that way forever it should stay that way. And I live in the ghetto on the hill and there is no crime or trouble in fact I get a bigger feeling of community up here then I do downtown. . I have a milloon dollar view for 800 a month in a beautiful apartment. Your just jealous.


    6. highlandsblog Post author

      Bahhahahhahaha – ok sure… like the shooting in Apr/May right? http://www.ahherald.com/newsbrief/law-and-order/15100-highlands-police-report-march-7-2013 “Off. Troy Hartsgrove located Stanislawczyk and he agreed to an interview with Det. Ian Dobens regarding bullet holes in a trailer in Shadow Lawn Trailer Park on 2/5/13. During a formal interrogation he admitted to utilizing a slingshot and firing ball bearings in the direction of an occupied trailer. One ball bearing did penetrate the exterior and interior walls of the bedroom where one occupant was located. He was charged with Possession of a Weapon, Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose, Two counts of Simple Assault and Criminal Mischief. He was released on his own recognizance with a no victim contact order.” and then there was this one On October 8, 2011 at approximately 7:30 P.M., a motorist reported that he and his girlfriend were sitting inside of their vehicle at the Mount Mitchell Park when a subject walked in front of his vehicle and exposed his genitals. The subject then walked to a white Honda and left the park. The motorist was able to follow the vehicle to the Shadow Lawn Trailer Park in Highlands. A follow up investigation by Detective Sergeant Thomas Stone led to the arrest of Wayne S. Russell, age 55, of the Shadow Lawn Trailer Park. or this one “Clagett said Deaver arrived at the Shadow Lawn Trailer Park home he shares with the unidentified 65-year-old woman about 7 pm Thursday and began arguing” and those are just the ones easily googled..


  3. njview

    This is yet another attempt to spot-zone. It’s an insult to our intelligence, considering the last attempt resulted in a sharp rebuke to the Town council and was thrown out. In the memory of Connor Jennings, who led the successful fight against this idea last time around, let’s not let this happen again. That is why Chris Francy had the decency to at least not be there to vote “yes” Sensible comments here are that the present scheme allowing for 4 story townhomes, whose roofs won’t scar the beatiful ridge and won’t collapse the dirt hill, are what this area needs- not another tower. this is NOT Ft Lee.
    All this does is give the developer a blanket pass to get an easy approcal from the zoning board, instead of going through the tougher variance process. Why do this at all? What;s the developer giving back to the town? All he is doing is leaving us with a years long headache, years of supporting the intense colony, and no improvements to the whole of the town. Enough already! Please, stop this in its tracks, council persons.


  4. NoLongerNew

    My biggest concern is that Mayor Nolan and the council said they had been meeting for months about increasing our ratables (sp?). The best they could come up with is to change the MH (Mobile Home) zone to allow two additional floors? I’m speechless.

    Why not change the zone to business or mixed use? As others have said, this is real estate with prime views. Let’s put a restaurant, a hotel, a spa…something up there that would increase the ratables and bring people to our town without putting a bigger burden on our infrastructure. That area is already a business corridor and having the attraction of the view would lure more visitors.

    I suggested “mixed use” but let’s be real…if you had a choice would you buy property next to a gas station? I certainly wouldn’t.


    1. rockemsockem

      Is there really even a view from there? Eastpoint right behind it with 6 floors can’t be much of a view?


    2. highlandsblog Post author

      there actually is a view, if you look from the boat you can see it. Someone point out to me, it kind of looks like a big white house up there next to a few trailers and its really a small apartment building on that piece of property.


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