3 thoughts on “Take a Tour of the Highlands Hills

  1. njview

    OOPS! Video from 0:49 to 1:50 is of Monmouth HIlls- which is a part of MIddletown Township, and operates like a private club. Back in the 1990s that community, actuallly fought Highlands when the gravel and dirt washout from the dirt roads scoured away and wiped out the drain pipe from Linden down past the VFW, costing HIghlands about $500K to replace. Now they are fighting with the town, part of a long term lawsuit about whether they “own” the dirt roads in the video or whether MIddletown does. They can’t decide whether its better to keep “locals” out or have the “public” to pay for the maintenance. It is a lovely setting but I wouldn’t kennel a dog up there! lol


  2. Broadway Bill

    Gollly! So that’s how them thar rich folks live! It sure is mighty purty up there! Wait till I shows this to Uncle Jed!


  3. Tesstown

    Interesting…this starts out at the landslide behind Hillside Village condos. The rest is beautiful though…


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