umm Highlands Residents??? Survey?? Sign up yet?? Just saying

After speaking with many neighbors in the months following Sandy, I feel a need for Highlands residents to give voice to issues, concerns and future ideas for the town after the storm in a formal manner. I asked my firm [Gazelle Global Research Services, LLC] to support me in surveying our town’s residents. They have agreed to donate resources and man-hours, gratis. As I, personally, have designed the study and will analyze results, I am abstaining from participation. Market Research has been my profession since 1992 and I want to volunteer my services in a concrete way that will benefit both residents and our local government. The research objectives are manifold and are geared to better understand what the citizens of the Borough of Highlands can do to help local government in terms of process for: • Information flow • Flood mitigation • Completion/timing of permits • Grant and SBA loan information • Code enforcement • Next steps to make Highlands more attractive to new residents and businesses, and to improve quality of life post-Sandy for current residents All respondents must be 18+ and residents of Highlands. We will apply weights to the data to mirror 2010 Census number for the following demographic parameters: gender, age, own/rent, number of people in the household, presence of children under 18 and employment status. Results will be analyzed and a summary of results will be given to each participant. I’m planning on presenting the detailed findings to the council as well as possibly FEMA and local news/media outlets . The news exposure will be good for town. This study could be a great beginning for further research. I would be happy to continue to volunteer my time and expertise to aid the town in better understanding the views of all residents. So, please let me formally welcome all Highlands residents to participate in the research study. Sign up by sending an email to : The survey is available now through July 7th, 2013. Many thanks, Carolyn

12 thoughts on “umm Highlands Residents??? Survey?? Sign up yet?? Just saying

  1. Carolyn

    I realize the with the holiday coming, we are leaving the survey open until July 21 to give everyone more time to take it. Sign up and let your voice be heard.


    1. highlander

      i personally appreciate the survey. maybe finally the town will see what the ppl think of it. thank you so much for taking your time to do this.


    2. Cyn

      I was searching for fireworks tonight, and discovered your blog by accident. What a treasure! I’m glad you’re leaving the survey open for a bit longer, I had just received the card in the mail 2 days ago and was only debating a response. But I’ve also felt let down by the Boro’s lack of information, and I can’t wait to respond now!


  2. Frustrated

    I especially liked the part about where you get your news. This blog is awesome. At least I feel in the loop.


    1. Tim S

      This is great what you are doing for Highlands…
      This town needs to actually Step Back and actually plan things out for a change and build a real, healthy, stable and sustainable Town rather than just the BS Politics and lack of Building guidelines that have plagued this town for years and years for the benefit of a few and in the end now a crisis for all.


  3. Carolyn

    Rockem – getting a good response, but more people is always better

    Bill – I’m lucky to have my job at my firm after being out for 2 months after the storm 🙂


    1. Broadway Bill

      Did you apply at a firm called “Star Bucks?”

      And 2 months is nothing! Do you have any idea how many months I’ve been out of work and how many jobs I’ve had in the past 4 years? I haven’t had a full time job since like ’02 which I think was the last job I had with benefits!

      I’m coming up on my 2nd anniversary with one “firm” and I don’t think I’ve been at the same job that long since I moved back to Jersey.


  4. katie kay

    8 months to the day, I got a letter from HBP. I do not qualify for any grant money. Sandy is still kicking ass . Who’s stronger than the storm?


    1. Jen

      If you don’t mind sharing, what was the reason why? I haven’t even tried, precisely because I figure they’ll just say NO WAY. Especially now that I seem to be annoying the Solutions Center lately by asking questions and giving them suggestions.


  5. katie kay

    They didn’t say why. It could be that I work and pay taxes. Those who CHOOSE not to work are reaping the benefits. I know this for sure.


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