FirewworksSea Bright    Monday      July 1
Keansburg  Wednesday July 3
Asbury Park  Thursday July 4  Fireworks on the beach, 9 pm,
Long Branch Thursday July 4
Atlantic Highlands  Friday July 5


  1. How come you didn’t mention the Highlands fireworks display? I don’t know if there’s anything official, but there’s ALWAYS some idiots shooting off fireworks even though I think they’re still illegal. Nobody ever bothers to enforce that law!

    And I like fireworks as much as the next guy, but in these days of budgets restrictions….is it really necessary for every town within a few miles to have their own fireworks display? This is a perfect example of where municipalities could combine services.

    And remember when St. Patrick’s Day was March 17th? Instead of “St. Patrick’s Day Season?”


  2. Actually not a bad idea. They should all go in with Red Bank who had the most awesome display in the area for years until they couldnt afford to do it anymore. And not only that they had to deal with the expense of people coming from all around to see them.

    If the towns all pitched in and had it at one site, it would be totally awesome!

    But……….this is way too logical…………and Im sure it will never ever happen…………ever…………. like ever………………..


    • Or…even better….when I was a kid, we used to have this thing called television. It was a wonderful household appliance that allowed you to see things like giant fireworks displays from distant lands like New Yawk City. Every year, my family would gather around it and we never had to worry about finding seats or trying to remember where we parked our car.

      Why I bet they even have something like that these days on that internet thing everybody is talking about.

      Oh, I’ve got to go…my nurse is here and it’s time for my sponge bath.


    • When I was a kid, we didn’t have a TV at our shore house in LBI, we were required to stay outside all day until the street lights came on. On the fourth, my friends dad shot off fireworks over the bay. Then we had bottle rocket fights and no one lost an eye. It was AWESOME


    • Well what fun is that if nobody got hurt?

      Who required you to stay out until the street lights came on? Was that some kind of a law?

      And fireworks were legal back then?


    • it was always fun. when is the last time you played man hunt?

      Our parents required us to stay out until the street lights came on.

      No, the last time I played bottle rocket war aka sink your raft I was 25 and fireworks were definitely illegal. But that was in Ortley Beach, not LBI.


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