Highlands vs The Highlands Debate

ImageI was sitting near someone last Friday and heard them getting very heated about ‘those people’ that say ‘The Highlands’ instead of ‘Highlands”.  And then there was a sign that said “The” and person who put it there should be shot. – So then I had to go find a picture of the sign.

I found it somewhat humorous. Really, everything else that’s wrong in town and *that’s* what you’re really mad about?

I guess because I’m a benny and only have lived here 11 years, I kind of say both.

But I wanted to see what others thought about this debate..


  1. And why is everybody getting upset NOW? Isn’t this the sign on the bus stop across from OLPH? Hasn’t it been like this for years or did they just change it?


  2. Never ceases to amaze!!!!
    The town is smashed from Sandy, and this is the big debate!
    Personally, I think the towns name should be changed altogether! Firstly, the town has a bad rep. to begin with, and Im really tired of endlessly explaining to people that I live in Highlands not Atlantic Highlands and what the difference is between the two. Mainly more drunks and domestic violence! 🙂


    • Are you kidding? The best thing about living in the “Boro of Highlands” (or is it the “Borough of Highlands”?) is that none of my relatives can find it on a map! “Is that out west somewhere?” “No, That’s the “Highlands Region.” “Is that near New Brunswick?” “No, That’s “Highland Park!”

      The only reason I think we should consider changing the name is so more people can’t find it! May I suggest “Crabwell Corners,” “Stankwell Falls” or “Bug Tussle!” We might as well do it now as long as we’re doing all this other remodeling!


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