Guest Blog: J Sommers: Open letter to Town Officials

I was asked by a reader if I could post an open letter to the town, I agreed plus it allows me to just cut and paste:


Dear Town Officials:

 Point 1 – We need better, more frequent and more transparent communication from all of you. There are so many initiatives out there and it seems like all other towns are benefiting from grants and various resources and Highlands is not. If we are just not being informed, the perception is that you are either hiding something from us or you are not doing your job! Either way, you will NOT GET MY VOTE the next time around!

Point 2 – Surround yourselves with people who have the necessary skills and knowledge to help you and us! Hiring people because they are somebody’s cousin or because they are nice or because we have done business with them for the last 100 years is not helpful! This is a very challenging time for Highlands and we need the BEST resources out there to resolve the town’s issues. You are only as good as those who work for you! We don’t expect you to have all the answers but if those whom you hire don’t have the correct answer, bring in someone who does! Otherwise, you will not look very knowledgeable and again, you will NOT GET MY VOTE!

Point 3 – Please remember you work for US! You should be honored that WE selected and trusted you to sit up there at the head table and make the best choices for US! WE empowered you with the responsibility to represent OUR needs to the media, the state and federal government. The moment you take of your “resident” hat off and put your “town official” hat on, you are OUR voice! Please don’t think that it’s better to keep us uninformed because we won’t understand anyway or because you know what’s best for us!

We are smart, we are resilient and we ARE this town. Not just the 5 of you but ALL OF US! As someone said recently, this is your most amazing window of opportunity to shine and to do the right thing in order to rebuild Highlands into the great little seashore town that it is!

Thank you.


  1. J. Sommers – have you sent this to the town council & Mayor at their official email/snail mail addresses? I’m not sure how many read this blog.


  2. I don’t think they care about the people that live here at all. I wish I didn’t feel that way but my experiences in dealing with them is not favorable. They always have this superior attitude like everyone else is a fool, and they love to complicate things unnecessarily just to show you they’re in charge.


  3. A very respectful response to this open letter.

    Back in the day, lets say about 1776 and all, a group of former subjects of the English crown decided that they were tired of constantly pleading with the king over a long line of abuses, and not having their voices heard.

    At some point people need to realize that the bitching is not going to work. The only real solution is to get involved, get elected yourselves, then you will have to power to enact the changes that you want.

    Until that is done, all of this unfortunately, is just hot air into the wind.


    • And to paraphrase from an old poet, “Dock builders dreams, mix with panther schemes, to someday own the rodeo!”


    • OK, Duncan good point. So what did the people in your story do? Plan a coup and cut off his head? I’m dying to know how your story ends.


  4. I agree. I have emailed and called the Mayor and city officials and no one responds. Plain wrong.


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