Beware of Bandits in Highlands

It was bound to happen, with so many people displaced and all those contractors in town. Please be on the look out for these brothers.Image They’ve been spotted vandalizing garbage cans and stealing cat food.  They seem to strike at night when they know the local police are watching Wind & Sea.

28 thoughts on “Beware of Bandits in Highlands

  1. Jen

    There’s a mom and a few babies — I heard them last night on Washington/Cheerful when I was walking the dog. Thought it might be fighting cats, but nope.

    Wait… This is a joke, right? There are no police at Windansea… 🙂


    1. Jen

      HAHA. Junkyard!!! But that’s Fred’s AWESOME MARINA.

      Now with raccoon petting zoo at one end and sandbar for egrets at the other.


  2. Frustrated

    You’re darn right there are no police at Windansea. It’s all I can do every Saturday night to keep people from urinating in my yard.


    1. Carolyn

      Frustrated – you are right about that one, our new best friend is a high powered halogen flashlight… You should see those boys freak out when they are put in the “spotlight”.


  3. Frustrated

    LOL! If the town would just give me my fence permit, I’m sure a new fence would deter them (all I’m doing is putting a new one where the old one was).


    1. aj solomon

      you do not need a permit to replace an existing fence. I went through it myself. Downtown told me I needed one also, but when I checked with the mayor and council I was told that if you already had a permit or someone did for the existing fence then simply replacing the original does not need a permit.


    2. highlander

      i feel your pain on getting a permit. we tired to do the right thing by getting a permit for a shed. first we were given guild lines and we did them according. 3 ft off each property line not over 15 ft. 30 of sq foot of house no more than 40 percent of back yard. this is all according to zoning ordinace. then i skipped down to get my permit…..DENIED due to lot coverage.. when asked what is lot coverage no one explained it. the funny part is according to their website you dont need a permit if your shed is under 250 ft. construction official was ok with it zoning no. they need to get their info right. everything will work out


    3. Jen

      Whoops. I needed a permit to replace the fence that floated? Oh well… Too late for that.

      And really? There’s ANY kind of enforcement with regards to sheds? They should tell that to my one neighbor whose entire back yard is full of sheds (that floated off their foundations during Sandy and haven’t been touched since) or my other neighbor whose ENTIRE back yard is a deck/shed. Of all the things to “enforce,” this is it??


    4. highlander

      i guess it all goes back to who/what you know. they enforce what they want with who. just look at the messes around town. and duncan yes those raccoons look very familiar. lol


    5. rockemsockem

      Just curious has any of the community around WindnSea sat with owners and discussed issues directly with them? Maybe you can work something out directly with them as I know it is family that owns and might be receptive and try to work with you to resolve. Business and residents should be able to work together especially after such trying times.


  4. highlands18

    COSTCO Sells trash bags that are mint scented to deter Raccoons, Possum, squirrels, cats, dogs and bugs. They work! my garbage is untouched. The cost is a bit more than their regular trash bags.


    1. Broadway Bill

      Does that work for people urinating? I’m sorry I got confused which topic we were discussing on this thread.


  5. Duncan McLeod

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm those racoons look vaguely familiar……………..

    As for problems with drunks at Wind and Sea, there ar always pain ball guns, and super soakers!
    if they have any problems with that then they can call the cops and explain why they shouldnt be arrested for public intoxication, disturbing the peace, loitering, trespassing, or any number of violations they could be charged with.


  6. Frank McLaughlin

    Is it really that big a problem? After all, If you live across from a bar you are going to have some public drunkenness issues. That said, I’m surprised that the town hasn’t done a sting. At $250-500 a pop, those tickets would come in handy for the town. And while I think it a tad draconian, I note that Hoboken charges up to $2000 a ticket and has pretty much resolved the public pubic problem. Better wet jeans than a $2G party foul.

    Hoboken City Ordinance 145-22 (Urinating in Public): Any person observed urinating on public streets, sidewalks or in parks faces maximum penalties of a fine up to $2,000, and the possible sentence of having to perform Community Service.


  7. Frustrated

    Frank, it’s every Saturday night. I don’t complain about the noise (I know I’m close to big restaurants and I’ve learned to sleep through it), but to me, there’s no excuse for property destruction. The police told me they’re understaffed and there’s nothing they can do about it. I doubt Windansea cares as they’re making money; it’s quite evident what goes on here Saturday nights and they’d have nipped it in the bud already if they had a problem with it.


    1. rockemsockem

      I really think you and other residents in area should sit down with WindnSea owners. Residents and business coexisting peacefully is important to both parties(no pun intended). They are people too & perhaps you can work something out with them…. if council and Mayor were going to do something they already would have. If not, motion detectors may deter or a bigass pitbull:) What are cops doing all night? They should put up police horses and herd them out ta certain way like NYPD does for everything.


    2. NoLongerNew

      You have no idea what we deal with. Owners and their managers just don’t care that they are set up in a residential area.

      Caveat Emptor. Never buy near a commercial site. That quiet restaurant could become a raucous outdoor bar that I swear is just being used as practice space for bands. Why else do they blast the music, that can be heard for BLOCKS, for a bar full of 3 people, staff included?


    3. rockemsockem

      I totally get it.. I lived many years next door to party house always blasted music and loud cackling all night. There was no talking to them as we tried …they were just disrespectful, ignorant people and thank god moved awayI guess my question is have you guys even discussed with owners face to face as a community? If not what do you have to loose? I don’t think we can afford to loose another business or resident and may be stronger message putting real faces to complaints.


  8. Duncan McLeod

    Wait!!!! WTF????
    Frustrated…….. did the cops Really tell you they were “understaffed”???? I mean did they really?

    Because if that is the case then that is the biggest line of BS I have ever heard!!!

    Before Sandy for for many years before, if you complained to the Highlands police the excuse for not being able to respond to certain things, such as those cited here were the amount of domestic violence calls they had to respond to on a daily basis. Most of course in the downtown area.

    Now, with like over 50% percent of the downtown population gone. 46% of those being rental units, they are telling you they are “understaffed” I call total BS!!!!!

    This has to be like a total vacation for the cops in Highlands! I wish they would do something to justify their 100,000 per cop average salaries!!!!! What a crock!


  9. Frustrated

    Yes, Duncan, they really did tell me they were understaffed. I think I bit my tongue so hard it bled; I figured it wasn’t worth it to make a smart remark but I certainly thought one.

    I did get my fence approved, btw, and it was simple and inexpensive. So I feel much better now!


  10. Duncan McLeod

    Sad news,
    I found one of the baby racoons dead by the side of the road! 😦 I dont know if it was hit, or was poisoned as there was no obvious signs of trauma. But I scooped it up and gave it a proper burial.
    Also, I havent seen the rest of the troop for almost a week now. 😦


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