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    • What I don’t understand is homes that were originally in the v zone before the last set of maps are now in the AE zone. Also I found my elevation certificate and it says I am already at 9.1 feet. I used to be the first house in the AE zone and the height didn’t change. To come into compliance I would probably only need to raise the house two coarse of block. If that is the case while I like it from a cost savings point of view, I would have probably still gotten wet with Sandy since I got 24 inches in the house.

      Due to this I am not doing anything until these maps are finalized.


    • Well first off….doesn’t it seem like the “New FEMA maps” have come out like 3 times since November?

      Second, my understanding is, the “final” FEMA maps won’t be coming out till 2014 or even 2015. You mean to tell me you are not going to do ANYTHING to your house for another year or two?


    • I ment that I am not lifting until the heights are finalized. We should be back in the house by July fourth give or take a week or so barring any unforeseen problems.


    • IMHO the new maps are to help more people get discounted flood insurance AND to help homeowners lift with the A requirements [less expensive]. For FEMA to lower the height from the original 12 to 11 is kinda scary…

      Our house has always been a V as there is nothing between us and the water [that nasty little gazebo doesn’t count]. We are still going to lift at least 6 feet and we will go up with the V required pilings. Other people have lifted then had to lift again – we are NOT doing that.


    • I agree 100% Carolyn. I think they realized most of these homes would be walked away from and then the towns would go bankrupt. It comes down to what is the lesser of two evils. But the changing of what has been already a V zone for years to now an AE makes no sense. I am happy for my neighbors but don’t understand it.


    • I’m truly baffled by the new maps. Don’t get me wrong; I’m ecstatic to be out of the V14 and back to an AE11 (though I’d argue that 11 is still a little high).

      But look at Mantoloking, where the bridge was washed out, there was a total breach, and homes were washed into the bay. I’d really like some explanation as to how THAT is an AE8 on the ocean side and an AE9 on the bay side. It makes no sense at all to me.

      And there are parts of SEA BRIGHT that are an X? Really??


    • Jen,

      I am over 9 feet already and I still had 2 feet in my home. Before the changes in December we were already AE11 but my house was here for 60 years. If I was at 11 I still probably would have had water. Although it is now to the bottom of the support as opposed to the floor itself so who knows.

      As far as the other towns I really don’t care and am only dealing with my own little world right now. If it is wrong there they will get destroyed again. That is why as I stated before I am nnot lifting until they finalize the heights and structure.

      Good luck with your rebuilding!


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