CVS to move across the street to old Quick Check Shopping Center

I think we’ve all heard about CVS  eyeing up across the street where Quick Chek used to be. Not only where Quick Chek was, but the whole shopping center as well as the old car wash behind it.  Building a ‘Super CVS’ with drive through pharmacy.

That would be very good news for Highlands as that would count towards ratable revenue and possibly off set some of the Sandy tax deficit.

For those of you that are thinking East Point Shopping Center will now be empty, there are rumors that Top Tomato may be moving in. Some of the other businesses have already been told their leases are not going to be renewed.

Before you start making your Top Tomato grocery list, just keep in mind that this all is going to take time.  Most likely a year to 18 months minimum.


  1. Hey just as long as the yogurt store, the video store, and the batting cage are still at East Pointe!


  2. Eastpointe needs to be cleaner, have better lighting and safe stairs and walkways. That strip mall is a dirty, dark hazard.


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