1. Oh boy!!! Im sooooooooooooooooo excited! Not!!!

    This years election is between………. more of the Same Vs more of the Same.

    But it will be interesting to see how much further the democrats will drive the town into the ground if they manage to get the Mayor spot and have a 5 to 0 majority.

    I hope Republicans in town will like having absolutely no representation for their party on the town council!


    • In a town this size we should have nonpartisan elections. My sister lives in Verona (4 times the size of us) and that’s what they do. Having the respective “parties” so involved only helps make our decisions more limited.


    • according to nlc.org 77% of towns have nonpartisan elections, the thought process being that political affiliation is irrelevant when providing services at the town level and cooperation between party lines of elected officials is more likely.


  2. Well regardless,
    This november is town…………as has been the past few years with one notable exception, it will be the same old………..yawn! ………… names!

    And ya know, if the names were people that were capable and competent, then it wouldnt really matter who ran, and who won. Unfortunately look at the choices, or should I say lack of choices, we have!

    Making things worse, these people have become legends in their own minds.

    Solution? Merging with Middletown would make all of these problems go away!


  3. I really dont think anyone would really want us due to the numerous problems that exist here. Its wishing at best.

    It will however be interesting to see what happens when Highlands becomes a ghost town, and no one can afford to live her, and the remaining businesses decide its time to close up shop. Then what happens?


  4. Yep, Highlands as anyone has known it within a few years will cease to exist. Which in many ways will ultimately be a good thing The unfortunate thing ill be in how that happens, with many of the regular folks getting crushed under the wheels of progress. But I guess thats the way it goes.


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