3 facts about the lifting of Galveston TX you should know

ImageFact # 1:  The Galveston Town Council wasn’t equipped to handle rebuilding the town after the Hurricane of 1900

“The Galveston city government was reorganized into a commission government, a newly devised (at the time) structure wherein the government is made of a small group of commissioners, each responsible for one aspect of governance. This was prompted by fears that the existing city council would be unable to handle the problem of rebuilding the city [of Galveton]”   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_commission_government

Fact # 2 People were faced with brutal sacrifice

“Of course there was a component of brutality in all that (town lifting). Some homeowners couldn’t afford the raising. Some had to sacrifice the bottom floor of their houses. Some had to abandon their homes entirely. The work went on in sections for seven years.” http://www.uh.edu/engines/epi865.htm

Fact # 3:  Ooooh that smell. Can’t you smell that smell. The smell of sludge around you (for 7 years)

Dredge material is pumped into the island during the grade raising after the 1900 hurricane. Residents endured years (7 to be exact) of pumps, sludge, canals, stench and miles of catwalks during the project.  http://www.1900storm.com/rebuilding/


  1. Its a ridiculous, unnecessary idea. Mr Hill admits in NBC link the only plan they have is to lift. We really need to get rid of these people who do not represent us all. Interesting Steve Szulecki who lives on the hill makes suggestion of backfilling cause really won’t be directly be affected by it(classic). I have serious concerns that Mayor will not fight for us going back into A zone as we can lift on our foundation as opposed to pilings which is necessary for this grandiose idea that will make our lives more miserable. Please lets merge with Seabright!!!!!!


    • It obviously didn’t solve Galveston’s issues so seems like a messy, long process that ultimately wont work. Residents will need to be displaced at some point again and are they paying for people to stay elsewhere? WE can’t wait 7 years for a fix. All we need is for the sewer/storm systems to be completely updated including french drains on the hills to catch the runoff and a seawall. That would be a simple thing to do and would solve a majority of issues. Many shore towns are already preparing for the upcoming hurricane season…. we need to be prepared NOW!
      The least they can do is buy these things and have fire dept and police deploy when storm coming as a temporary measure.
      Geo-textile fabric wraps(WIPP Hydrosolutions)


    • You know I was thinking about it, and it (WIPP) would have definitely saved the firehouse from water.. and if we could figure out a way to block the sewers and captain’s cove, then the water would just go down the river during high tide and be IDK….rumson’s problem .. smirk


    • They can be strategically placed in areas more flood prone based on the map that you had posted on this blog on how Highlands floods. After all we have gone through we deserve at least some protection now. That would be the easiest thing to do to keep us safe from any coming storms or full moon high tides. Seems like our Police & Fire department should want to help protect us and earn their keep cause if we get hit again without any protection there will be no keep.


  2. Not to mention the fact that Glen Campbell is in no condition to have a hit song called “Highlands!”


  3. #1 seems to me like an intelligent idea. I for one do NOT trust anyone in borough hall to make the right decision for this town.
    Reorganize NOW and no one that currently holds a position in town is allowed to serve on any commission.
    It’s time for smarter heads to take the reins, this includes Mayor, Council, HBP, and anyone who collects a paycheck from taxpayer money.


  4. First of all the number that keeps getting floated around for the back filling of the town is 25 million! Really? that might just cover the engineering costs. So, thats a figment of someones imagination.

    Secondly, Mayor Nolan has said that as long as he is mayor, there will be no attempts or plan to merge with another town, or have Highlands taken over by Middletown. So, this just shows you where his interests lie, and thats with the people in town that want to remain big shots at all costs. And when I say all costs, it will be the cost to the taxpayers.

    I dont care what the town is called or who is running it. But if people cant afford to live here then whats the point. Or………. that may just be the point!!!!


    • You dont want to merge with sea bright. What ever the citizens would save by doing a merge would be given back 10 times over via the police over petty bullshit. The asshole cops in that town have gotten me for the following tickets over the past 3 years: expired inspection sticker, cell phone X 3, cracked windshield, seat belt X 4, License plate frame.

      Land of the free my ass…


    • They just seems to have it way more together even though they were hit really hard ,seem to support their citizens and have a grasp of reality.


    • Have Highlands taken over by Middletown? Why our forefathers shed blood to escape the yoke of Middletown opression! Why not reunite with England while we’re at it? It would be an insult to all of those brave men who gave their own blood for our Highlands independence!


  5. Well I hope the memory of those who allegedly shed “blood” for Highlands will be worth getting reamed in the massive property tax increase everyone knows is coming! lets see how much you think that blood is worth!


  6. @ Duncan , maybe you know. I have heard that the Army Corps of Engineering had a plan for the flooding in town and would have cost us next to nothing. In the same breath I heard that Anna, Chris Francy, Johnny U, our Mayor and Becky all fought against it because Anna, Chris and Johnny’s views to be obstructed and is why they were pushing for a 5 million $ pump station.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but the thought is to avoid the town from being flooded and the $5 million pump station wont work until it’s flooded and would then pump water back into a flooded canal.

    Why is the first solution to any problem in town is to have the taxpayers pay for it?


    • Anna? Johnny U? They haven’t been in office in two years….doesn’t that make this OLD news?


    • what ever plan is made and done if you can stop the flooding downtown (i.e. south of water witch) who takes the brunt of it? Shore drive north of water witch? The water has to go somewhere eventually. Look at when the army corps of engineers came in up north and saved Oakland from the flooding. Pompton Lakes now is a disaster whenever there is a moderate storm.


    • Middletown township to receive another 6.3 million Pallone stated today. How come I haven’t heard Highlands is getting……?


  7. Broadway Bill,

    Not to be disrespectful, but just because someones not sitting at the council table doesn not mean they dont have some influence from their past decisions, and are not in the background steering present decisions. People like Johnny U, and Billy, “the nut” Caizza, were in office for 9 years, and along with doing nothing about anything, also did nothing about flooding, even though in their first time being elected they promised to. Also, many of the people mentioned in the above posts hold “elected” positions on their parties committees, giving them the power to nominate new candidates(including themselves) for elections.

    This is why you often see the same old people and the same old names coming back up for election. Its really nice to be able to nominate yourself! Also, many of these people will leave the “visable” scene, be doing things in the background, and then come back a few years later. I even heard that Joe Branin wants to run for mayor again! What a joke that would be! But ya know what? Hes on the democrat committee, so you never know.

    Also does anyone really think that Becky Kane would make a good mayor? She has an endless record of disregarding laws and breaking rules whenever the mood suits her! The election for mayor this year is a complete waste, unless someone runs independent. The choices are …………… More of the same VS More of the same. Thats the sad reality.

    Unfortunately many people just dont know how the whole system works. In order to be free of the BS that is going on around this little town, either people have to get out, or they have to get involved and get these people out.

    The sad fact is that even before the storm, the town was in the worst shape it has even been. Now, with a slap in the head from Sandy, I think the town is done.

    The ultimate solution for all of these problems is to have us taken over by a town by Middletown. This is what the local yocals, like Nolan, Kane, Francy, and the like fear more than death itself. Mainly because for them it would be like death. they would cease to be important and relevant.

    Being taken over by a town like Middletown at least gives the town a chance to be managed properly, but people that are professionals, educated, and not the same old yocals all the time! People need to start pushing for this to happen if they ever want to see anything change! Unless paying a higher tax rate than is charged to those living in Rumson really turns you on!!!! 🙂


    • Duncan MCleod,

      The reason that many of these people hold “elected” positions in their own parties AND in the local government is NOBODY ELSE WANTS THE JOB!

      I’ll bet both parties would love to see some new blood and both parties put out public notices around election time to inform the public they are seeking candidates and nobody from the general public wants to run! What do you expect? They have to put up a candidate so they put up the people they already know who have expressed interest in being candidates.


  8. PS
    Katie Kay,
    Thanks for making my point! Why are they getting more money? Who runs middletown? Who runs Highlands? Nuff Said!


  9. Bill,
    Ask and ye shall receive………….


    All of the members of the governing body are business professionals and all have degrees, all of which are applicable to running government. The mayor himself has a doctorate degree. The resumes of the governing body, which can be viewed online, and quite impressive with extensive service and experience on their local boards.

    Compared to them, the majority of our governing body look like a bag of potatoes!!!


    • Doesn’t that just mean they had the money and the time to get a piece of paper? I’ve got a drivers license – it doesn’t mean I’m a good driver.


  10. While I do like the small town atmosphere, I too have to face facts. For the 20 years that I have been here I have not seen 1 mayor or 1 council that had the back of it’s residents.
    Elections were never about who was better to run the town, but always like a high school popularity contest.
    There are 3 groups of people in town …
    1. The life longer. Generations of family ties
    2. Members of the fire and police department
    3. Everyone else
    And if there is someone with 2 out of the 3 running for mayor or council, you can darn well skippy believe that they will win.
    Wasn’t it a couple of years back when new people had the courage to run? But the town folk still voted in the incompetent, narrow-minded, self-serving people that we have to depend on to wave through the paperwork, have intelligent conversations with state political leaders, come up with ideas to make our town thrive and get things done after Sandy.
    Unfortunately when you have uneducated people voted into office you have a circus sideshow. Our taxes are the 3rd highest in the county, we have no ratable tax base, we have an administrator that once ran our recreation department, they make decisions based on who their friends are, we by toys for our fire and police department not because they need them, but because a friend or family member asked for it, they hire those in borough hall that are related to someone…we are by all accounts the laughing stock of the county.
    So, when I look at the entire picture, you know what, maybe it would be best if we were absorbed by some other town.

    Until people wake-up and stop voting on party lines, family members and special interest groups in town we are doomed to fail.

    Until such time, maybe it’s time to vote for a “new comer” as an Independent to run for Mayor. Someone that’s educated, has no family ties, no ties to special interest groups and someone who will for once look out for ALL of the residents of our town. Because I know that a vote for Frank or Becky is voting for more of the same.


    • Okay….I agree in theory, but…

      Aren’t the life long residents and the fire department the same people?

      I think it breaks down like this:

      1. The folks whose great, great, grandfather came on the boat with Henry Hudson.

      2. The people who live up in the hills who have never seen any part of Highlands other than the Ferry Dock.

      3. Everybody else

      And I still stand by my original argument….the people who run for office (and get elected) are the only ones crazy enough to take the job! If you think “the same old crowd” is doing such a horrible job – you run for office!

      I can sit here complaining all day, but I don’t want it!


  11. Bill,

    Glad you argee, but its more than just a “theory” look at places like Middletown, Red Bank, Atlantic Highlands, the list goes on and on……… whats the difference between us and them?

    As far a running for office thats harder said than done, in order to even get to run, you have to have control of one of the commitees nominating the candidates to get your name on the line. Which means running a primary. This has actually been done by at least one party in town and not too long ago 3 brand new candidates, who had never served before were offered up for election. They were not elected.

    The problem is, and has been, that people need to get their heads out of their butts and take notice of what is going on. Its a shame it takes events like Sandy to start to wake people up.

    I personally would have no problem with whoever was running the town if the place had been getting better for like the past 15 years, it hasnt. There was an attempt in the 90’s to fix the place up, which was working, but then came to and end when the good ol boys got themselves elected. Then it was back to the same old crap for the next decade. No one can deny that!

    So, its up to the voters and tax payers. They need to stand up and get their collective asses involved. Bitching will not get anyone, anywhere…………….


    • Duncan:

      I was at the Highlands Democratic Meeting last year when we all looked around the room and said, “Who can we find to run for City Council?”

      And I know they put out a release in the Highlands Google group that said, “Hey, if you’re interested in running for City Council contact us?”

      And yes, I’m looking around and every town has their own problems!

      And you’re right…bitching will not get anyone, anywhere….which is why I quit bitching! I’m just going to get back into my house and mind my own business.


  12. My father lives in Middletown and pays $70 a quarter for sewer. I pay $140, twice that. Merge with Middletown? Works for me! LOL:)


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