Highlands Snake vs Highlands Man – Snake Wins

ImageA Cedar Street Garter Snake was minding his own business sunning itself late Saturday afternoon when a Highlands resident decided to pick him up and manhandle it. The snake retaliated and bite him. Police, Fire, EMS & Animal Control were called to the scene.

The snake was detained in a cooler until it determined he was not venomous. The man was treated at the Monmouth Ocean Hospital Service Corporation and released.
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2 thoughts on “Highlands Snake vs Highlands Man – Snake Wins

  1. Broadway Bill

    Charles Darwin is alive and well in Highlands.

    Glad to hear Sandy didn’t wash out stupidity!


  2. Duncan McLeod

    OK………wait a minute!!! People are shocked there are “snakes” in Highlands? I assure you that this is not the only one. Most are the too legged variety!

    This is the equivilent of declaring that you are shocked to find out there is gambling in Ricks Cafe in Casablanca! LOL 🙂


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