What is your insurance company going to ask for to receive ICC funds in Highlands

It will be insurance company specific, however, I used my insurance company rules as well as someone else to give you an idea of what is going to be expected:
All State Travelers
Before liftCopy 50% Damage letter signed by town official

Copy of last assessment card

Copy current elevation certificate

Copies of all building permits for lifting

Copy of contractor agreement

After lift

Copy signed letter from town official stating lifted house is now compliance

Copy new elevation certificate

3-4 photos showing house lifted with decks/access completed


Before liftCopy 50% Damage letter signed by town official

Copy of current elevation certificate

Two itemized estimates that detail the cost of the mitigation measure that have been approved by your town.  (Note that ICC will ONLY cover the elevation cost to the minimum height required to comply with the state & local ordinances.)

After lift

Copy of the permits allowing you to lift

Final, incurred invoice from contractors

NFIP Elevation Certificate showing finished construction

A letter from Highlands stating the property at risk is NOW in compliance with the current community flood plain management ordinance

Color photos of the building after the mitigation measure has been completed. Each photo much have the date on the front of the photo and you must include a photo for each side of the structure.


Half of up to $30k before and the other half after. 
All paid after the lift


  1. I have Selective here is there process
    1 Report flood loss to insurer.
    2.Provide the building department’s written determination of substantial damage or repetitive loss to the adjuster.
    3.Obtain a signed contract that details costs to perform the mitigation activity and give it to the claims representative.
    4.Provide Proof of Loss
    and copy of community permit(s) to the adjuster in order to receive the first portion of the ICC claim money.
    5.Complete the mitigation measure within 2 years from the date of loss.
    6.Provide a copy of Certificate of Occupancy to the insurer.

    Although I sent them costs for V zone now on hold until a decision is made regarding zone and height.


    • thanks for the info. i hope you had a good experience with selective as we did. they seem to be very understanding.


    • So far it has been a positive experience our rep very nice and accommodating. Will let you know how the ICC goes once the powers that be decide zone/height as costs decrease if go back to A zone and can’t sign contract until we know what we are doing.


  2. I have Selective too and the ICC guy seems okay (much better than the regular claims staff). Oh, if they put us in A rather than V, I’d shed tears of joy!


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