Special Council Meeting regarding Sandy Recovery Tonight

Mayor and Council of the Borough of Highlands will hold a Special Meeting on Wednesday, May 8, 2013
at 7pm
for the purpose of taking formal action on the following:
1)Hurricane Sandy Assessments & Recovery Efforts Discussion
2)Resolution -Local Government Resolution for Collateral Security forGovernment Loan
Other formal business may be considered at that meeting. The meeting will begin at 7pm atHenry Hudson Regional High School, 1 Grand Tour,Highlands, NJ.

To review the meeting online

36 thoughts on “Special Council Meeting regarding Sandy Recovery Tonight

    1. Carolyn

      HB, Rockem – yes, I need to have someone logged in so I can be sure sounds is working from the start. I should have thought of this before…


  1. RockemSockem

    I would do it for sure Carolyn but living 2 hours away. I really want to know what the hell Pallone is doing for us for flood control the height wouldn’t be such an issue if we had effective mitigation.I thank you so such for doing this as its been a huge help!


  2. RockemSockem

    Hey Carolyn,

    Sure I will let you know. Usually get link as soon as you start taping.


  3. Duncan McLeod

    Ok so, can someone post as to what happened at this meeting…………… inquiring minds wanna know…………… πŸ™‚


  4. Duncan McLeod

    Ok………… did anyone go to this meeting or see it? what happened? Anyone………….anyone………….Buhler………. Buhler………….. anyone………….anyone…….. ????? πŸ™‚


  5. highlander

    so from what i heard at meeting, people can get more money from the robin hood grant while there are people who never even received the initial hope for highlands grant. i also did not realize that you get penalized for wanting to better yourself by having a good job. the income requirements should not matter if you got affected by the storm and can prove it you should be elgible. it seems that everyone wants to penalize ppl who have tried to better themselves and do the right thing and have insurance. im sorry if i offend anyone its just really frustrating to deal with all this.and rockem i feel the same as you, we are mostly done with our house but we seem to be inelgible for assistance. im sorry i needed a place to live and didnt want to rely on fema money. we are handy and had friends family help us alot. everyone has different financial issues but we ALL got hit in the pocket with this and right now money would be a solution for EVERYONE. πŸ™‚ i thank the writer for this blog. it is a lifesaver for so many. the amount of time and dedication that they have put into this is amazing. thank you thank you thank you


    1. RockemSockem

      Just like to add they couldn’t get it together until 6 months after storm where most people did what they could and dipped into their own money to get home. So its shameful what HBP did by holding up the Robin Hood funds just because they were too incompetent to handle people are being left out. I know Robin Hood foundation wasn’t happy they hadn’t spent money yet.


  6. Duncan McLeod

    I too agree that it shouldnt matter what your income is to determine how eligiable you are for any kind of aid related to the storm. Does a person with a higher income suffer any less? In many ways they suffer more as they have more to lose and more to restore and repair.

    As far as the hope for Highlands money, I know people that applied for it, the day after they received the form, and have received nothing. I myself never received a form at all!!!

    As it is, I totally refuse to even apply for it because of the people involved with it, and one person in particular.

    As we have seen either you have to know someone, or be a member, friend or family of someone on the HFD or have other “ties” to receive preferential treatment.

    So, as for me, I refuse to play the game. If the town will stay out of my life and leave me alone that would be just fine.

    It seems much of all of what has gone on has been more or a hinderance, and more trouble than its worth.

    I refuse to sell my soul for a grand.


  7. Highlands Non-Partisan

    Sounds like many of us have been left out of the Hope for Highlands process. I think that we need to start making noise and DEMAND a list from HBP of those that received money and the amount. As a non-profit, this information is public and we deserve to know. If there’s nothing to hide the information should be made immediately.


    1. highlander

      i asked someone at the old fire house once about this and was told that they dont have to show a list because of the charity they are and it was an emergency situation. and now i heard at the council meeting that ppl who got money might get more. did you have insurance? shame on you is their attitude. did you have a good job? shame on you. (being sarcastic)


  8. highlander

    can anyone answer this question? do you have to apply for a sba loan to be elgible for /grant money? like mitagation grant money? cbdg grant? the 1.8 million that going to be released soon that was on nj.com? thank you


  9. Highlands Non-Partisan

    Highlander, I respectfully disagree with the information that you were supplied.

    Hope for Highlands is run under the 501c3 status of the HBP. When Becky, Frank, Rick and Anna voted to bring the HBP back, one of the conditions was that they would have an open financial book policy that allowed ANY resident to view their books, A resident of Paradise Park lobbied for this and won. So not only per our ordinance can you view their books, but the IRS also requires 501c3 organization to file Form 990, 990-EZ, or 990-PF, and Form 990-T.
    If enough noise is made, HBP will provide a list … if not, there is always the Attorney General.


    1. RockemSockem

      I would also like to know who paid for permits cause i’m quite sure none of the inner circle did. They talked about taxes going up at this council meeting so I guess the people who objected to refunding our money were duped cause they are going to be paying anyway just as we all said. I tell ya I watch those meetings and it’s scary how completely inept they all are. The Fema people that were there had more to contribute than the whole crew. All Mayor does is defer questions to Dale instead of actually learning and addressing himself ( Dale is not our elected official) and the rest have nothing intelligent to contribute. I hope they just let the Fema people help cause we really need it given the crew we have. Also they are rude to residents which is really unacceptable under these circumstances.


  10. Frustrated

    My Hope for Highlands grant arrived this morning. I’m not sure why it’s come now, but I’m thankful and am asking no questions (the house lifter I met with yesterday told me it’s $8500 just to do the paperwork!!!)


  11. Duncan McLeod

    Frustrated, how long did it take for you to get any money? just curious…………

    As far as Dale Lubner is concerend, he is a nice guy and all, but its interesting as the town engineer, that he doesnt have an engineering degree!

    As far as the tax issue. Everyone knows that is coming, and its likely to be much much worse than anyone can anticipate. They may try to do an increase that is half of the bad news this year, and half next year so that it doesnt look as bad as all at once, but that will just be a political ploy during a mayor election year.

    The bottom line is that no one will really able to afford to live her, more homes will be abandoned or end up bank owned and in forclosure. I know several people using Sandy as the final reason to get out of dodge, preferring to get what money they can, buy elsewhere, and either try to rent what they have here, or just let it go into foreclosure etc.

    I dont see where this can go anywhere but a slow and painful death spiral downwards!

    Someone please tell me Im wrong!


  12. Frustrated

    I sent in my application the day after it arrived in the mail, so that would have been the first week in February. The check arrived Saturday, May 11. Again, I’m not sure why it came now but I’m thankful it did.

    Only 40 families will get the RH grants…not sure if anyone read this today. I don’t qualify because I’m apparently not middle class (I’m considered rich, lol!) Good luck to anyone trying for one!


    1. Jen

      Yeah, gotta love that little tidbit. I’m RICH!. BWAHAHAHAH.

      I don’t recall hearing that there would be income limitations when Robin Hood was collecting the money during the 12-12-12 concert.


  13. Highlands Non-Partisan

    I just heard that the person that works for the HBP is on vacation in FL at Disney … A couple of thoughts come to mind.
    1. The HBP is funded by a special BID tax placed on businesses. We all know the status of most businesses in town, if they still have to pay a BID tax, how much of that money is used to pay her? Shouldn’t the council vote to suspend the BID tax so that the businesses can get on their feet again?
    2. Did this person, who works for the HBP, good friend of HBP president, and a tenant of said HBP president receive any Hope for Highlands Funds?

    Yes, I understand that everyone needs a vacation, but at who’s expense?


  14. Duncan McLeod

    Once again the nepotism is rampant in this town. The HBP which by definition is supposed to BID, IE Improve the business district is a total failure. Totally………. even before Sandy, the downtown looked worse than ever with busniness going out of business. Now, I remember when people like her highness Becky Kane fought to get rid of the HBP. But now she is butt buddies with Carla Braswell, the president of the HBP. So the business that are totally hurt from Sandy, have to bear the weight of an expense that has produced some nice events yes, but has not produced any……..I repeat any………..improvement to the town or namely the businesses or the district whatsoever. Its time for the HBP tax and the orgainization to go, at least for the duration.

    Oh, and another point, as more and more businesses leave never to return, the tax for the HBP of the remaining businesses will only get larger, thus becoming an evern bigger burden. And all for what? A few parades a year, and the big clam party that gets more lame each and every year. Where oh where does all the money really go?


  15. Duncan McLeod

    On a sort of related topic, it appears that our choices for Highlands Mayor this year are limited to Frank Nolan or Becky Kane. That is like no real choice at all. So unless someone runs as an independent, the long run of mediocrity, and incompetence will continue for some time to come! 😦


  16. Frustrated

    Is there another town meeting tonight? I had two voicemails on my phone from the township’s number, but no message was left. They don’t usually call me unless it’s about a meeting.


    1. RockemSockem

      I will be watching but wondering if can someone ask a question for me since I work all day and take train 2 hours south hopefully until mid June God willing:) I want to know what are plans for mitigating town if any. Since Seabright only has to lift eight ft because of seawall if we build seawall will our heights come down? Are their any plans to mitigate lifting up to 14FT? Along with walking with rain boots in middle of summer with full moon to go to store.


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