Sandy Hook Opens

sandy hookFor the first time since Sandy, Sandy Hook is Re-Opening . The gates will be open at 5 AM, and there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony with U.S. Congressman Frank Pallone at 10 AM.

Beach parking permits will go on sales at 9 AM that day ($75 for the season) at the Entrance Station, although they are not required until Memorial Day Weekend. You can also buy Interagency passes at both of those locations.

TIPS NPS Would Like Visitors to know:

ALL parking areas will be open, with the exception of Beach F / Fishing Road. As roads are being repaved, some are temporarily closed. That includes the usual route to Gunnison and North Beach parking lots. Gunnisonians can drive into Fort Hancock and follow the signs to “Beach Parking.” (If you drive all the way to the Lighthouse, you’ve gone too far.)

Biking their main roads during repavement is unsafe. Instead, bring your bike to Fort Hancock and bike the Multi-Use Path there.

While the sewer system is under repair, beach centers will have port-a-johns. Some are in place now and more will be arriving later this month.


  1. Ok but heres the big question everyone is holding their breath to have answered………. Will the nude beach be open this summer? 🙂


  2. Too funny!!!! Im sure that there are many nudists in the state that can now breathe easy knowing they wont have to have tan lines this summer! Whew! LOL


  3. Thank Goodness! I didn’t know where I was going this year to get that even tan and I didn’t want a repeat of that ugly incident at Lamps Plus!

    Maybe somebody who doesn’t have a job or is off today can go to the ceremony and ask Pallone “why he hates Highlands?”


  4. Went over to the hook yesterday, looks like mostly road damage. Of course there is damage all over to the beach fronts and foliage and stuff. But the beaches are still there in one form or another. There was damage to the buildings on the end of the hook, but they are falling down anyways. Somebody should do something with them, they were rather nice back in the day.

    So, it looks like the hook mostly survived Sandy, and when the roads, which are being worked on are fixed, probably wont be able to tell there was a storm at all! 🙂


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