Christie message to Highlands: We will not forget about you


Governor Chris Christie & HUD Secy Shaun Donovan spoke at Bahrs in a Press Conference announcing the release of CDBG funds needed to help rebuild.  Donovan talked about NJ’s plans to spend more than $1.8 billion in federal grants on storm rebuilding and recovery.

It’s not over but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Job One is to get the grant program going.



    • besides me? a few that I know of, it was difficult to hear him because of the set up, he did take a few questions, unfortunately I couldn’t hear what they were.. I liked the message of let’s cut the red tape, and they want to help, but wanting to help and execution are 2 different things.


    • So you were there HB and took photo? Did any Highlands officials speak? Anything about getting money for mitigation in Highlands?
      Sorry for all question wish I was home and could of went.


    • It was more of Christie choosing Highlands as a place to conduct his Press Conference than to interact with local officials and if he did it was after the conference


  1. Enough of that – did he stay for lunch? Has Bono called him back? Did he ask about me? I haven’t seen him since I ran into him at that Springsteen concert.


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