Havanas Owners Reopen in Cranford

After being destroyed by Super Storm Sandy, Havanas owners, Lidia and her husband, Joe DelleFave, decided that Cranford with its growing restaurant scene was the perfect place for their new restaurant, Lidia’s Cuban Kitchen.  Its no where near the ocean.

I guess they didn’t realize that Cranford floods too.

So I wonder how long Havanas is going to stay closed..

17 thoughts on “Havanas Owners Reopen in Cranford

  1. Duncan McLeod

    Is this a shocking turn of events? Really? im sure that this is not the only business that is going to high tail it out of town. Which is really a shame since the town is the perfect Mecca for business with its flooding, high taxes, lack of improvement, failed business improvement district, and hostile attitude torward businesses and their needs! Why wouldnt any business want to stay here?????


  2. Frustrated

    I’m sorry to see them go, as I really liked that place, but I wish them well. Someone on FB just told me that the recovery in Highlands is going really well and I must not know what I’m talking about for saying otherwise. I, of course, referred her here to read, lol!


  3. Jen

    This isn’t all that far from where I’m staying these days. The lovely Raritan Valley Line of NJ Transit goes right by this on its way to Newark.


  4. Duncan McLeod

    As far as the recovery of the town going well, i mean, people and many businesses are rebuilding or at least repairing and such. however, does this mean they will stay, or fixing up to sell? Plus do the people on facebook know about the almost 100 homes I am aware of that are being abandoned, and the businesses that are not coming back?


  5. Courtney

    I know they took on damage from a snow storm when they first opened and then Irene and now Sandy. They had a rough go for the short time they were in town. I also understand them not reopening considering you look down into the dining room at street level. I would think that would have to be addressed before anything new comes in.


  6. RockemSockem

    Yeah I truly wish that the Army Corp comes up with a plan to help mitigate quickly and Pallone gives us $$$ to execute as I don’t think anyone whether it’s resident or business will weather another storm. Then the circle can rule themselves:)


  7. Duncan McLeod

    I would bet on the Army Corps with the present people that are in charge in Borough Hall!!! The mayor has stated quite clearly in several town hall “meetings” That he feels he knows better than the engineers whos job it is to do……..lets see…….engineering! He has said he has no faith in any of the flooding remediation plans put forth by the army corp. He says, “the corp doesnt seem to realize that the town floods from bay ave to the water and not the other way around”.

    I dont know how he makes this conclusion or what he is basing this on. Perhaps the mayor can tells us all what being an auto parts manager has taught him about civil engineering!?


    1. RockemSockem

      Well it seems all the money that was allocated by Pallone were for ACOE projects so Mayor may have no choice in matter. The Sewer system needs to be completely updated to the 21st century that alone would alleviate normal flooding along with getting rid of Captain Cove’s dumpy Marina. Its really not Brain surgery:)


  8. Duncan McLeod

    Things dont need to be brain surgery to get messed up in this town. Of course the sewer system needs to be updated. And now that the regional sewer authority is being disolved mainly by pressure from local politicians that dont want average citizens telling them that the system is falling apart and making noise about it, do you think things will improve. I think not!
    As far as getting rid of Capt. Cove marina, you couldnt be more right. That place is not only an eye sore but the jerk that runs the place, or should I say has ran it into the ground, gets off by terrorizing local residents who dare to speak up about the garbage dump that pretends to be a marina. But then again, the town lets him get away with it, so there you go!


  9. Tesstown

    Ralphie is the owner and Lydia is his sister. He would like to reopen but it’s a funding issue, like many others. He has been working over there…we will see.


  10. Tesstown

    Update: Havana will open! He is shooting for Memorial Day, though it will probably just be the outside and inside bar area at first while he works on the restaurant. Tables with umbrellas where the tiki huts were, for now.

    Anyone have a willow tree?


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