Beware of Clam Rake Thief in Highlands

Pictures Courtesy of @Duncan

So with a lot of people living out of town and tons of contractors going in and out of houses that fact that things are coming up missing isn’t surprising.  I’m sure it’s just some poor lug that had “clam rakes and fire pit” on his resident needs list and it never got fulfilled.

Seriously people, if you need stuff, go to FREE stuff page and take it from there, leave people’s stuff in their Clam Rakes 1yards.

If anyone knows somebody that just got antique clam rakes or a new fire pit, please let Tammy Jeanne know.  She is offering a $100 reward.


  1. I hope she gets her stuff back. Unfortunately what I think happened here, is that metal scavengers took these items for their metal value. Vultures of all kinds have been prowling all over town. They are pretty easy to spot, usually a beat up pick up truck with all kinds of things in the back that look like they belong in a junk yard.

    I actually dont mind them taking things that people throw out and then recycle the metal and get the money for it. Its good for the environment, and if they can make some money off of it, then good for them. But walking onto someones property and just taking the stuff is over the line!!!

    The big question is where are the cops when all of this is happening. I can tell you from experience that Bay Ave. is often a ghost town at night, and you wont see a cop for hours even on that street.

    They need to stop hanging out and shooting the shit at the firehouse, and get out in the expensive cop cars we pay for and watch out for creeps like the clam rake thief! I mean, we are only paying them on average about 100 grand a year! I think its a small thing to ask!


  2. Ha… I’m sorry I almost spit my coffee out by headline:) Hilarious!

    Although I have to agree with DC the few times in town at night haven’t seen a Police Officer which does concern me cause I’m not home yet and really don’t need the extra worry of somebody messing with all the work I put in. I’m a big supporter of cops and fireman particularly the ones who get paid hardly anything and are on the beat everyday. Dare I say… like New Yawk as BB would say. Given our Police Force salaries I would like to see them out there patrolling or in a car assigned to different spots in town. But i’m not living there yet so others who are may know differently.


  3. Many people, the ones who are still in town that is, go walking many at night. I have walked bay ave numerous times in the past week alone, all the way through town and back again, and not seen one cop, not evening driving down the street, not one. However, you do see them when you walk or drive by the firehouse, just hanging out.

    I think for 100,000 a year salary, not only should the police be out patrolling, they should be doing much of it by foot, especially on bay ave.

    If the town can pay the cops to to hang out for 100 K per year at the firehouse, why cant they afford to waive permit fees for residents and businesses trying to put their lives back together???. Tomorrow, many of these same people will be telling any media that will listen, what a great job they are doing post Sandy. Maybe someone needs to be there asking these questions. It seems that the town is able to afford whatever they decide they can afford. Like expensive pump stations that even town engineers do not provide a guaranteed solution to the flooding problem. Or how about all the vehicles used even for commuting to work by those who are priveledged to get to use them.? How about a new firetruck or any of the other things the HFD wants? Or the jobs given to those who are relatives to friends and family of former and serving council members?

    All of these things seem to be no problem when those in charge want to pay for them. Im sure that there will be one hell of a show when many involved in these matters go out of their way to paint a rosey picture of everything going on in this town!


  4. Oh come on…nobody is commenting on the fact that it’s a CLAM RAKE?

    Who the hell is stealing a clam rake unless they’re local? I don’t even know what it looks like!


  5. P.S.

    And how long do you think this sign will stay up? Is there any chance that Tammy would be a responsible citizen and take it down at some point?


  6. Someone stole my sprinkler heads. I just discovered this yesterday. I was working in my yard last week and they were there. I have no idea why someone would do this, but I’m really annoyed. Every time I think I’m making a little progress in cleaning up, there’s another problem that puts me behind and costs me more money.

    Why is some awful person stealing random things out of people’s yards?!


    • Are the sprinkler heads even metal? I would say scrapper, but there is so much legitimate scrap that is obvious garbage, why they would take something that wasn’t?


  7. The tops are plastic but underneath is metal. I have to call a repairman next week; I just hope there wasn’t damage done to the lines when they were pulled out.


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