Ok, I know there are heated discussions on how to handle Highlands but in other news the Boston Bomber Suspect #2 has been apprehended.

It reminds me of Irish siblings, we’re allowed to trash our own siblings (Sox vs Yanks) but no one on the outside is.


  1. I hope that highlands can take something from this. Why don’t we all start to support our police department, EMS and animal control. Our current council are too busy concentrating on giy can giving jobs to family members and over paying suppliers so that they can subsidise the drug habits of their family. Wake up Highlands… Be grat eful for the good that we have and cut off the leeches… they have fed off us for way too long.


  2. Im happy for those folks up there that they got these butt holes! It shows you that this stuff can happen anywhere. I still dont understand how blowing up an 8 year old advances any cause. I think you get a first class ticket to hell for that one. I hope these guys fry!!!


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