How Do You Think the Council is doing – RESULTS


So…The results are in and 30 out of 31 people are not happy with Highlands Town Council. I think the 1 vote for great is actually Dale.

To preface, I set it up that only 1 vote per IP address, so in essence only 1 vote per household.

The net-net, majority of people are not happy with the how things are being run.


  1. While certainly not the most scientific poll, are the results surprising?? You would think that council people and the like would at least have their friends and family sign on and vote so it wouldnt look bad. But they didnt, which tells you how much they care about what people think, or what they think about this blog in general.


  2. I am so curious – could the person who voted that the council were doing a great job please share the explanation, maybe our council have secretly done great things that we just dont know about………


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