Does Pallone hates Highlands or just doesn’t realize we flood?

Pallone Announces $12.3 Million for Sea Bright February 2012 Pallone announced that $12.3 million will be awarded to fund beach replenishment in Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach thanks to a request he submitted to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This funding will allow the Army Corps to begin replenishing the beaches in these towns in Fall 2012.

Pallone Announces $1.3 Million Grant for Sea Bright Flood Mitigation March 30, 2012 Pallone announced that the town of Sea Bright in New Jersey’s sixth district was awarded a grant of $1.37 million to fund a bulkhead repair project. It was awarded thanks to a request submitted by Congressman Pallone to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.The funding will go towards the installation of a new bulkhead at the foot of Beach Way, and to repair five bulkheads at the foot of River Street, South Street, Beach Street, Center Street and Osborne Place. The grant will also fund a submersible storm water pump at Osborne Place.

Pallone Announce Plans for Post-Sandy Beach Replenishment and Flood Control Projects for Keansburg, as well as Sea Bright to Manasquan
April 2013 Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06) unveiled plans by the Army Corps of Engineers to repair damage caused by Superstorm Sandy for a historic investment in large scale flood control and beach replenishment projects in Keansburg and from Sea Bright to Manasquan.  Pallone and Colonel Owen outlined the timeline for the projects that represent hundreds of millions of dollars worth of work and will be the largest investment ever made in beach replenishment and flood protection in the Sixth Congressional District. “Areas like Keansburg have been continually impacted by flooding, and this historic investment will help to protect area homes and businesses from future flooding, as well as repair the destruction caused by Sandy,” Said Pallone.

In Keansburg, the Corps plans to move forward with the beach repair project first, and the levee repair project second.  The beach repair contract will be awarded around May 7, and work could begin immediately after.  Construction will last roughly 180 days.  The Corps plans to award the contract for the levee repair project around May 29 with work beginning in June.

Pallone Announces Over $35 Million in Sandy Aid to Sandy Hook   March 2013 Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06)
announced that the  Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area will receive more than $35 million in federal aid to repair damage caused by Superstorm Sandy.  $30 million has been allocated for the national park from the Superstorm Sandy relief package passed by Congress in January with an additional $5.2 million awarded through U.S. Department of Transportation Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads Program.

Pallone Announces More Than $14 Million for Storm Repairs to Atlantic Highlands Harbor Marina Piers   “After Sandy, I saw boats thrown on land and piers broken in half,” said Congressman Pallone.  “The amount of repair work required for Atlantic Highlands Harbor was unbelievable, but this funding means that visitors and residents will be able to enjoy the harbor in time for summer season.”

Ummm, What about that other little fishing village on the other side of the river from Sea Bright… Highlands…Does Pallone NOT know that Highlands floods? Did anybody send him pictures?

Oh wait, he was here, right on Sea Drift Ave right after Sandy..

pallone in highlands

How we can get a hold of Pallone and remind him .. hey Highlands Floods too..


Some links to show him Highlands Floods:
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Flooding in Highlands during Irene
Highlands Flooding during regular Summer Storm from Surge/Sewers
Hill Flooding

Ideas to Mitigate Flooding In Highlands:
Raise the town of Highlands
Another idea to Mitigate Flooding in Highlands


  1. Listen…I’m not trying to defend the guy, but let’s be honest….Sea Bright ALWAYS floods and they probably got hit even harder than we did. Whenever there’s a bad storm, the New Yawk media doesn’t do their live shots from Highlands – they always go to the same spot across from Andy K’s Super Market. When Jenna Bush toured the devastastated area with Mrs. Christie…they went to Sea Bright! Sea Bright is “sexier” from a media stand point than Highlands!

    And the same with Sandy Hook – it’s a federally maintained “destination” beach for a lot of people (They even have a nude beach!) and you can’t tell me that Highlands won’t receive some benefit just because we’re so tied into Sandy Hook historically, geographically, and economically.

    Let’s face it…most people outside of this area already think Highlands, Atlantic Highlands, and Sandy Hook are all one place! Sure Pallone should do more, but we never get the attention of those other areas – why should now be any different?


    • Highlands ALWAYS floods. You’ve lived here for long enough to figure that out. NY Media DID come to Highlands after Sandy, the picture of Pallone above is from the TODAY show. (Ok it was because they couldn’t actually drive over the bridge into SB, but still.)

      It should be different NOW because we lost the majority of our homes. Homes that weren’t mostly summer residents, but year round residents. We have a the ferry, like AH. If you paid attention in the summer months on how many people get off that ferry and bike or walk over to Sandy Hook just because they don’t understand that SH is a different stop, but still they’re here.

      We’re not getting recognized or help because our current council isn’t demanding it. When are we having this ACOE meeting? Is a brainstorming meeting to discuss how to fix the mitigation or is it a presentation on how we’re getting sea wall end of story period.


    • Highlands does not ALWAYS flood….I can tell you from first hand experience that I was informed by an employee at boro hall “that’s not flooding – that’s just HIGH TIDE!”

      And you’re right…I don’t pay attention to how many people get off the ferry – only to the ones who are constantly asking me for directions to it.


    • The Funds that were received from the federal government were intended to help the hardest hit to “Build Stronger” well if 1200 out of 1500 homes being sustainability damaged isn’t hard hit enough than what the hell is? If our local officials are not putting pressure Pallone to help us…..we need to! For every town up and down coast to get funding except us is a slap is the face and unacceptable.


  2. Well its about time people in this town figured out that Pallone is what boys and girls? A “politician”. Why do these other towns get money? Because they are the ones that matter. They are the ones that are going somewhere. They are the ones that generate revenue. They arent the ones that perpetually arent going anywhere but backwards! So, why would anyone want to dump any money here. It should be a wake up call for people that constantly vote good ol boys into office. Ask Johnny Urbanski or Billy Caizza what they did the entire 9 years they were on council to advance the town. Nothing! But people kept on reelecting them. Of course we did get a nice new clubhouse for the fire dept. it only took 20 years to build.

    In the end dont blame Pallone. Politicians higher up and only going to pay attention to either who they have to or who have something on the ball that can make them look good. Sure he came here after the storm. It was a great photo op. But hey, the town pretty much looked the same as it did before the storm. Thats the problem!


    • What revenue does Atlantic Highlands bring in? That town just as bad if you ask me. First avenue have load of empty storefronts even before storm. Piers are more important than people lives? I blame Pallone and all our local officials for not doing the right thing instead of playing games with peoples lives. Its ludicrous to say Highlands looked the same before and after Sandy the video he is in makes that obviously not true. Normally we don’t have boats in houses:) We can keep talking about the past but the past is gone…we need to look to future and fight for change or we have no future.


    • I wasn’t living here for the 9 years that Johnny and Billy were on the city council, but I’ll bet part of the reason they kept getting re-elected was nobody else wanted the job! Being in congress is one thing, but being a local public official has got to be a very thankless job.

      Plus you’re trying to pin the blame on two guys that aren’t currently in office and haven’t been in office for like 2 years! You might as well blame Fred Beedle – what did he do to solve the flood problem back in the 40’s?


  3. Well if you can do a damn thing in 9 years, thats pretty damn sad. As far as no one else wanting the job, thats a joke. A lot of people ran that actually had brains and an education to back it up. However the good ol boy inbreds continually came out to elect the biggest idiots they could fine, and were quite sucessful in doing so.

    Also, if you arent going to place the blame where it belongs, then were does it belong? As far as the past goes, the shame is that virtually nothing has changed and thats the point. The only thing that has changed is things have gotten worse, the buildings on bay ave get more and more run down, and businesses were leaving even before Sandy.

    At least in atlantic, if a business wanted to open up there, it would have a nice clean place to do it, with a business community that is supported by the community. What businesses are supported here except by the bars visited by the local drunks.

    Until people are willing to see things for what they are, call them for what they are, and give up all this delusional “pride” in the town can things begin to change. Things are obvious, but I guess here you have to drink enough or smoke enough crack to convice yourself things arent as they are! Its all sad………but its all true!


  4. Anyone familiar with the Raine Foundation? They may be able to help when people get back into their homes. They have something going on with GE in the works right now for discounts on appliances. I met a woman the other day involved and she just visited the Highlands Solutions chug.


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