How do you think the Highlands Town Council is Doing?

Ok, so I stole the idea for this poll from Sea Bright 411, but I thought it was applicable to Highlands as well..


  1. Based on past performance, by both parties mainly during the past 10- years, there is no reason for people to belive that the local govenment has the brains, initiative, or resources to deal with the massive problems facing the town. This is especially apparent after Sandy. The only hope the town has is to consolidate with another town, or to become part of Middletown. The local “townies” will fight this tooth and nail. Many of them will go from being big fish in a small town to their rightful place as nobodys.

    There will be a call to save “home rule” is this move is ever contimplated and prediciations and horror stories all over. The sad fact is that home rule hasnt save the town or see it make any appreciable progress in the past 75 years.

    Get rid of the local government, their croney appointees, the ineffecive boards, limp wristed administrator, non existent code enforcement, and watch the town take off.


  2. Please look up or post, tweet etc
    Pallone & Army Corps of Engineers Announce Progress on Keansburg Beach Replenishment and Flood Control Projects. NOTHING to help Highlands…although I did find this” Pallone Announces More Than $14 Million for Storm Repairs to Atlantic Highlands Harbor Marina Piers”. So Piers more important than addressing serious flooding issues in Highlands…what a joke! I contacted his office I suggest everyone does the same and tell him we are not happy!


  3. All of this is nice, but in the end Pallone isnt going to give a sh*t! And why should he? Year after year, he gets elected by wide margins. As far as Highlands goes the democrats in town blindly vote for him year after year as well. He comes to a town event or two, maybe a democrat function or two, puts his name on the ballot and wins every two years. So, after that you expect that when you yell “jump”! He is going to reply, “How High”?

    Maybe if he comes close to losing an election, or better yet actually loses, can you maybe expect something.


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