Nominate Highlands Heros for The Superstorm Sandy Hero Project

So, the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce has established the Superstorm Sandy Hero Project, an oral history of heroic acts in the wake of the hero projectstorm. They collected inspirational stories from people all over New Jersey who were asked to describe their own superstorm heroes. The response was stronger than they expected.


  1. While I appreciate the nomination…I like to think I only did what everybody else in town would have done for me.

    Unless of course this involves a cash reward….in which case I might consider the nomination….


  2. I searched the site, but could not find anyone from the local area, ie Highlands, MT, Sea Bright (except for Woody). Is everyone on there?


  3. The good people at the Jesus Fellowship Calvary Chapel totally need to be nominated for this. Although many organizations in town did a great job volunteering, the people at JFCC consistently, selflessly, and without any discrimination, served the community in a herculean effort.

    They served, day after day, hot food right on the sidewalk, their members gave thousands of hours, and they stayed open to serve people until they were virtually exhausted from the effort.

    It is a shame that they had to leave town and had to seek facilities elsewhere. They were truly a sorely needed asset to the town and will be missed. if more organizations in town followed their lead and example, there would be less “controversy” when it comes to the volunteering and relief supply efforts.


  4. Maybe more good news… I nominated Leo for the Restaurant Impossible Rebuild and Graham Rose from Rebuild Our Shore just emailed me to get Leo’s contact info 🙂


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