FREE PAINT for Highlands Residents on Saturday

Sherwin Williams, Love Inc, Helping Highlands Survivors Inc & Hope for Children Foundation of NJ is distributing Paint to Highlands residents on Saturday April 6th from 11 am – 2pm. (But you have to guess where, because it doesn’t actually say on the HSC Facebook page.)  My guess would be at Distribution Center aka Old Borough Hall aka Old Firehouse but it could easily be at the HSC or up at OLPH since Love Inc will be up there this weekend).

There is a limited supply- first come first serve basis for the residents that didn’t have paint on their Residents Needs Form prior to April 1st. (Although this was posted on the Highlands Solution Center today April 4th)

Paint will be limited to 1 gallon per address until supplies last. Resident must have ID with Highlands address. (I’m hoping the paint isn’t Fuchsia.)


  1. So, I had paint on my Resident Needs Form, but didn’t hear anything until this was posted on their FB page. But really, what am I going to do with one gallon of paint? (sorry, was that me being all entitled and stuff?)

    They did call me about appliances though — not to offer one but to have me come in and fill out another form (yay!) so they could (I think) apply for a grant. But only if I’m back in my house. Now tell me, if I’m back in my house, wouldn’t I have appliances?

    In other random news, the iPad app for This Old House magazine (the May 2013 issue) has a video feature of a family from Highlands and their tales of rebuilding after the storm. The Solutions Center is thanked in the credits…


    • Its really ridiculous to have to update your resident needs form any time something comes into town that people might need. Of course people need paint. I ‘m not living in town and to update my needs form every time something comes in I can use is unreasonable. That makes 1 trip to change needs form and another to go pick up what I need? I mean really!


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