Nominate Chilangos for Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible

ImageThe Food Network show Restaurant: Impossible wants to find a restaurant in New Jersey or New York, effected by Hurricane Sandy, to rebuild for a special episode. There’s only one criteria to meet – living arrangements connected to the building and the restaurant owner must own these or live in them! If this is you or you know a restaurant in need, please email: – for good measure tweet @robertirvine1 


Leo has the living space above the restaurant & the house behind the restaurant, plus there is stock footage of him cooking at the shelter days after the hurricane hit.  Also, what a way to bring Highlands into the spotlight in a good way.


  1. I would hope poor Leo has a better place to live than above/behind the restaurant!

    Maybe we could persuade the Food Network to do a show about people who EAT at Chilangos and have nowhere to live?


  2. I love Chilango’s – but this show is about dysfunctional restaurants that Irvin “fixes”. We just need this one back in business as before. If they did the show as a recovery type thing, fine – Leo and the crew were and are great.


    • They were great….

      I particularly enjoyed being able to WALK there and bring food back to my house!


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