Highlands’ Baykeepers Association get $16k from Dave Matthews

NY/NJ Baykeeper group, received the funds which will use it to rebuild and relocate an aquaculture building destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, from Bama Works Fund.  Many of their nets holding the oysters were ripped from the Earle Navy Pier. They will use the funds to move forward with their second phase, which includes testing of three different oyster support structures to determine which structure produces the highest survival and growth rates.

The Aquaculture Facility in Highlands was built in partnership with Bahrs Landing Restaurant, Brookdale Community College Sandy Hook Field Station, and the NOAA Restoration Center.

Oyster restoration is recognized as a very important coastal restoration technique and can also help in coastal flooding. The beds would absorb storm surge and constrain rising waters.


Do you know why we won’t use Oysters to assist in flood mitigation in Highlands? Poachers. NJDEP claims that if the population of a “commercial viable species”, such as the oyster, is increased in waters that are unsafe for shellfish harvest that people will illegally harvest the oysters.


  1. May have seemed too expensive to control oyster distribution pre-sandy but when raising houses becomes a minimum 60K expense it might be time too take another look. It also would increase the value of “certified” as in Certified Clam.


  2. Wonder if there a way of possibly marking these oysters so if somebody does poach they can be prosecuted. IHighlands seems to perfect town to use this mitigation method. Especially since this association has used tiown to research.


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